Day of Rest

Sunday is most people’s day of rest

but to this I must protest

Michael doesn’t rest

he works tirelessly

to ensure proper advocacy

I wont stop until things are done right

Despite my own health care plights.

I am here for the patient

when all others aren’t

I am the patient advocate

the man on wheels willing to help

Anyone in need just for the hell of it indeed

there needn’t be a reason to help someone

you just do it and what’s done is done

No that person doesn’t owe me a thing

in my eyes all I did was a good deed.


Now I’m taking my advocacy to the next level

in asking a hospital to develop a new center

for those of us with chronic illness that’s both rare and cannot be diminished or cured

we need a center where we can be observed day to day by a team of doctors

who would collaborate and over the months really get to know and are for us

so they’d really do their best with our health in their mind constantly

thinking about our cases as that’s their only job.

I want a long-term chronic care facility made for the comfort of a long term stay

it’d be like a hotel for those with rare illness to stay in and be well observed

and taken cared of well. so that their families could continue  to work and stop taking days off to remedy my aching body with this unseemingly rare disease how did it ever find me?

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