I want to be Normal


What can I say
it has been a horrible 3 days
my mind has gone astray
and my pain won’t go away
no matter what measures we apply
this illness just won’t comply
even though we try and try
I feel like I am going to die.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this
suffering each day at a pain level of 9 through all of this
I almost feel like Michael no longer exists
he’s been displaced by pain and is lost within himself
especially when I get a cluster headache I want to slam my head against a shelf
when will this baffling pain finally fuck off
I’m sick of being curled up in a ball
hiding from light and noise and touch
thriving only through my writing.

It’s a hard life to live without a doubt
sometimes so hard I yell and shout
for medication and ice packs to relieve the intense pain
that wracks my skin, body, and brain
boy oh boy I feel as if I’ve gone insane
when will I finally feel normal again?

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