Hosting a Health Activist Chat Today 3PM EST


Hello everyone this Tuesday coming up I’ll be helping WEGO Health to cap off Migraine Headache

Awareness Month on July 1st with a 1 hour chat starting promptly at 3PM EST.

Here are my 5 questions with sub-questions for Tuesday’s #HAChat chat I hope you all enjoy them and

feel less lonely seeing others respond. This is a great way to find new friends on twitter and fellow

sufferers/activists. Here are the questions:

1. In your own words, describe what having a migraine headache feels like.

1.1.How often do you experience these terrible headaches and in what ways do they affect your life?

1.2 Do you have certain triggers? If so, what are they and are you able to avoid them?

2. What do you do to deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression that often come with a migraine?

2.1 What emotions do you most often experience during an attack?

2.2 Do you experience these symptoms as a warning sign (migraine aura)?

2.3 What other, non-emotional, migraine aura symptoms do you experience?

2.4 Do you have a support group or system in place during tough times? Who or what are they?

3. There’s a spectrum of migraine disorders (ex: migraine/cluster headache and episodic/chronic)

(cont’d.) Which affects your life the most and how? 

3.1.Describe your experience with whichever one you experience most in 5 words or less

3.2.Which would you say is more painful or do you agree that pain is pain no matter how frequent or strong it is?

4. How would you describe Neurological stigma?

4.1.Have you ever experienced this yourself? If so, please share.

4.2.Has anyone you know ever experienced or been a part of increasing neurological stigma themselves(making it worse)?

4.3.What are ways we can increase awareness? How do you try to teach others about neurological disorders?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there on Tuesday the chat will be available via Storify later on.

5 thoughts on “Hosting a Health Activist Chat Today 3PM EST

  1. Hope this went well. I have never experienced ora with my headaches, but the pain and some nausea has been similar. Headaches are just such a common thing for people that they are easy to shrug off as being no big deal. If only people knew. My father, who has them often himself, is the best person to understand what I go through. Twitter is a great place to meet others, spread awareness, and make our pain heard.

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