5 Tips to Refocus Your Mind to Combat Anxiety & Depression in Chronic Illness

Life isn’t always a breeze so today I wanted to talk about methods to decrease anxiety, tension, depression, and maybe even allow you to forget how intense you pain is and refocus your mind. I won’t lie I often forget to utilize these techniques myself and go into periods of depression which is perfectly normal for someone who suffer constant pain and chronic illness, However what helps me the most with getting out of those slumps is when I write and provide useful information to others just like this very article.

Tips to Avoid Depression, Anxiety, and Frustration
1. Stay hydrated you can become snappy, tired, and unresponsive if you don’t drink the proper amount of fluids. Drinks like SmartWater are great because they provide hydration and some electrolytes to help keep going. You can also try health and nutrition specific drinks such as Ensure and Joint Juice both of which will benefit you not only through hydration but offer extra nutrition for patients like me who can rarely eat. Following this tip should keep you in a more happy and healthy state and surely reduce the amount of migraines you will experience daily had you been dehydrated.

2. When you feel anxiety coming on do what I’ve had several psychologists and psychiatrists teach me a simple breathing exercise. Focus wholly on just breathing in and out counting to 5 before inhaling and before exhaling. This is an easier way to coax your body into taking nice deep breathe slowly allowing you to become calm after a while. I also use this technique when combating extreme pain levels.

3. Find some good friend who share your condition through social networks, I have made the best of this and have a lot of numbers to call or text should I need hrko at the worst possible times. I find many people collect these numbers but then never call or use them for what they’re intended for. Use these friend text them about your issue, socialize a little I promise once you find the right online friends this might not be easy but after seeking out these kind people they will help you fight depression.

4. Even if you’re light sensitive or sensitive to noise find a quiet outdoor retreat such as a local park and just go relax either for some alone time or with a loved one. I brought my fiance to the local park to help combat her anxiety and panic attacks, worked like a charm, Not only that but the setting should be bright and colorful allowing for you to feel more normal like you are a part of society and not so removed from your community by your illness.

5. Go on a small nearby vacation with your family if you can afford to do so. I know not everyone can take this tip and I would love to offer the funds for a small vacation in a future contest of mine. I recommend a quiet venue with a nice view and be sure to ask about handicap accessibility. Be sure to check the weather wherever you are headed because as you probably already know many of us are sensitive to weather,

That’s really all I have in terms of recommendations today on how to help yourself escape these horrible emotions that are so often felt by those with chronic illness. I really do hope some of these tips get used by my readers and I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thank you for reading and I truly hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article. Take some time to look around and explore the over 400 articles available through my site!

One thought on “5 Tips to Refocus Your Mind to Combat Anxiety & Depression in Chronic Illness

  1. Something that helped me come out of depression was thoughts from literature of Pandit Sri Ram Sharma Acharya. I didn’t took any medicine for depression. One day by a matter of chance I found his thoughts on a facebook page. I started reading his thoughts on daily basis and experienced a betterment in my mental state everyday. You can find his thoughts and literature here- http://quotes.awgp.org/chintan.php?qType=1&lng_id=2

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