Fell and Slammed my Head


Just fell down and hit my head

like a ball pin hammer coming down on my head

my body hurts too as I landed askew

my legs all twisted and my rms struggling to get up

I had to call dad I couldn’t do it alone, I wont put up or shut up

I need care right now I need ice packs and medication

I just feel absolutely devastated

please help me escape this pain

that flows roughly like gravel going through my veins

an ice pick digs deep into my eye as I slowly attempt to stop myself from crying

how can I do this how can I overcome this chronic illness?

The only way I see out

is to raise my hands and shout

write articles about it

and get this to the media

that I need help before I die,

Now that I’m involved with the V-PPRN maybe I will have more hope again

I’ll have contact with lots of researchers and doctors with whom I can build a relationship

so that maybe ill get a clinical trial before organ failure sets in

though after falling and slamming my head

I should be thankful I am not dead.

8 thoughts on “Fell and Slammed my Head

  1. Grrrr Michael so sorry. I know with the weight training you used to do the physical infirmity part of the illness must be pretty hard to bear. What’s V-PPRN? I’m behind on your posts!

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