I Should Be Dreaming an Insomniacs Poem


I feel so ill

not ill like slang actually sick to my stomach

chronic illness tearing me apart with every passing moment

the chills hit me as the sweat pours down my battle worn body

I just wish I felt some camaraderie and that there were more patient friendly medical conventions around New York City.

My only wish is for a New York long term care center for rare disease

I have no doubt that with that  they could diagnose me

with a team of doctors monitoring me daily

and teaching medical students to help pay for my stay

it shouldnt cost anything to be the topic of research

I just want my illness to help future patients be purged of this illness

to finally be cure for all that pain they’ve endured.

If you think about no long term setting exists for rare disease care

so I wonder if Mount Sinai might go there

if I start a petition and start talking to my local politicians asking them to have my back

this could save my life I don’t think anyone could ask more than that

this center isn’t just a selfish ploy for me to get better

it’s for the future of healthcare to make doctors collaborative by nature

and not so conceited, to listen to the patient as only they know their bodies

leave it to a psychologist to tell you if it’s all in their minds.

As for my case I have tons of proof

skin biopsies, positive tests, and all my health record at the ready to boot

I am so desperate for a clinical trial I spend my days looking for one I will qualify for

but it seems I’m too sick to be needed anymore

it seems right now I need my own Dr. House

someone who will take a hard case and work tirelessly to sort it out!

2 thoughts on “I Should Be Dreaming an Insomniacs Poem

  1. Nothing about this is selfish. You only want to feel better and to help others and there’s nothing wrong with that. Selfish doesn’t have to be a bad word. I am awake and catching up on your posts.

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