I Need a Proper Plan


Tremors run down my body

as the pain flows through

as if I had nothing better to do

my world becomes dark

my body becomes weak

where is this miracle cure that I so badly need?

I feel unwanted and betrayed by some of my doctors

that doesn’t help me mentally now does it?

I wish they would spend more time on me

since my case is a rare one and interesting to me

why they aren’t interested in my case baffles me

I’m always absolutely as kind and cooperative as can be!

I wish they’d find a clinical trial for me

all I need is a little relief, perhaps a short reprieve

for at least a short while, just a little bit

then I’d be able to write my books in style

honestly it’d take me very little time in this time I’ve been blogging

I’ve posted well over 500 articles had they been my own books I’d already have a shelf full.

I just want the NIH to respond

it doesn’t take months to go over medical records

so if I don’t fit your criteria tell me so I can give up on your facility and apply to another

hopefully with a proper vasculitis unit with the proper specialist to deal with this

perhaps Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, or perhaps Mass. General would be best

those are the only options for me no other hospitals are equipped to treat me.

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