Medical Marijuana is Keeping me Alive


Today is the Fourth of July

I wouldn’t know unless a firecracker launched and hit me in the eye

I’m in so much pain all I want is to die

but I know that’s not the way to survive this pain

I will overcome this strain and burden on my body

with medication and medical marijuana, keeping me alive constantly!

Yes I mentioned marijuana it’s a medicine not a drug

unless used by thugs that have no ailment

that’s when people really have a problem with it!

I’m a terminally ill 23 year old man

who would deny me the medication I need

besides the asinine NYPD?

The police could change everything by going on strike

for a plant to be legal that hasn’t taken any lives!

If it were tulips that would cure me they wouldn’t make it illegal

but because it happens to be marijuana I am considered a criminal

how unfair is that I ask you today to motivate you to think about this issue that has gone astray

the government has taken the war on drugs way too far they need to focus on

cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines that truly take lives

instead of raiding the homes of the terminally ill

taking away our only chance at survival!

The DEA has killed many a cancer patient

and even those with ALS

by taking away the only medication they have,

the only one that works at least

they due this for the pharmaceutical companies and then lie to our faces.

“Oh we don’t have enough proof that marijuana is beneficial”

That’s bullshit and you know it just ask our ally Israel!

7 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana is Keeping me Alive

  1. Yes!!! Yes yes yes. Thank you for this thoughtful piece, Michael. I was very happy Tuesday that my new pain management doctor was willing to have a reasonable discussion with me about marijuana for pain, rather than scolding me and telling me I wasn’t allowed to use it anymore if she was going to prescribe pain meds. Good doctors are key. I thought NY had made it legal though, for medical use? Did that get overturned?

    • No it’s not in effect yet though and the plant is still illegal. They also haven’t released the list of drs that can prescribe it b/c I need it so damn badly! My body is killing me and I’ve cut back my smoking a lot so my pai level has shot up. Here they made the oil form legal for those in chronic pain I easily qualify just don’t know where to go for it

      • Dude, you are the health research king. You can find out. It would be totally worth it to do so. With the oil, would it be used like a tincture, under your tongue? Or would you cook with it? I tried a tincture and it didn’t work at all. Unfortunately I only get any relief from smoking it.

  2. I wold tell you to send this to Governor & Mayor BUT they may investigate you so DON’T. Perhaps you can figure a way to send it without being identified, Or heck lets move to Colorado or you could find a friend there who could help. Can wego health send it around without getting your info out ?

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