What I’ve Done this Week


Im so glad this week for a few reasons, mainly because a lot got done so lets see the week in review:


1. I got chapter 2 of my first book which is on my rare form of vasculitis completed fully and am now on chapter 3. I am now looking for a specialist to collaborate with on the more clinical aspects of this book. I plan for half to be my story and half to be a medical guide to vasculitis, hopefully with this unique format some medical schools will pick it up as required or suggested reading for prospective rheumatologists.


2. I get to spend the 4th of July with my fiance and relax maybe not put soo much of my time into writing today. Lately I’ve been writing full time but being paid for only 1 job out of four so my income is meager at best. But I’m happy with it all the same so I won’t complain the writing takes my mind off the untamable pain.


3. I FINALLY found a reliable web developer and my website is currently being overhauled it’s a pricey job but afterwards I’ll have my own logo to put on Polo shirts and t-shirts! I cannot wait for my new site with SEO so I can turn this site into a business for real with ads and an Amazon affiliate store with all the products I use for migraines so you all can browse it for new helpful health products!


4. I broke 20,000 views recently which is pretty awesome for a site with little SEO and backlinks. I really need to read up on how to get myself showing up on search engines better or get professional advice on that. I’m just proud to have so many readers and so many views now even during a holiday weekend!


5. I am looking forward to getting some revenue and new readers on the site and being able to help pay my medical bills especially after I get my first book published! I’ve always wanted to contribute more to my mutual fund for future medical issues and for a house as well as to be able to help my parents out a bit.


6. I have in the past week become a member and volunteer as a US Pain Foundation Ambassador and a Patient Partner in the Vasculitis Foundations V-PPRN or Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network of which I am a part of the V-PAC or Vasculitis Patient Advisory Council. These two jobs both raise my credibility in the healthcare community.


7. I hosted my first Health Activist twitter chat on Tuesday and had a blast for WEGO Health. I truly enjoyed coming up with and asking a whole lot of questions and had a lot of fun seeing the responses and interacting with the readers.
That’s all that has really happened this week at Migraine Discussions which is soon to have a new name, but no worries www.migrainediscussions.com will still bring you to the new site as well once it’s completed. I just cant believe what my small blog with so few subscriber has become now I have almost 2400 people following me just on FaceBook not to mention all my other social media and my really active readers. That’s why I’ve decided to monetize my website why not try and make a little money to live off of all my hard work. I’ve worked damn hard to get to this point so I can’t wait til my new site is done and my readers see all the new features! In fact it’s hard even keeping my first look at the new site from you guys and gals but I won’t give in this has to be a surprise!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Done this Week

  1. Yay yay yay yay!! All of it! All that SEO / back links stuff is so confusing! John has been working on that kind of thing a lot and wants to try to monetize my blog as well with an Amazon affiliate store, especially because we just learned I am not eligible for SSI benefits because of John’s paltry salary. We could lose our home. I can’t believe that $2000 / month net for a family of four means you get NOTHING! Such a huge shock. But anyway you absolutely should do that, and (until I have my own ha ha) I will order all my migraine products through you. I want to purchase your chronic pain poetry e-book as well, I think I will go do that right now.

    I will say however that when I had just joined WordPress, when I typed in “migraine” yours was the first blog to come up. I understand that google is ultra important though!

    Congratulations, friend! Can’t wait to see the new website! ~elizabeth

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