A Tidal Wave of Pain


So damn stiff is my whole body

my wrists, arms, legs and hips

none of it works right not even my lips

and just as we’d thought the constant vomiting has stopped it comes back yet again

let me tell you it’s a terrible thing to cough an cough out good until your own ears ring

pain surges up to your head from your spine with a pronounced sting and then

the migraines come to play havoc on your brain with all this stress and strain!

How can I avoid that which is my life

chronic illness has taken over my entire day

I no longer have time for fun or for play

video games which used to consume the hours of my day are now impossible for me to play

all the vibrants sounds, and HD effects make them too bright and realistic for me

even though I have an Xbox One and a TV

all use it for is netflix and the occasional blu-ray movie.

I wish I could play games again and go out in the sun without being blinded

by my own eyelids because I’m photophobic even with my eyes shut I can see the bright light

way too bright for me like a huge LED bulb in the sky that burns at a million-billion degrees

this life is really too much for me I cannot digest this pain constantly

it hurts too much for me to believe if it weren’t happening to me

hey wait for me I yelled violently as I try to keep up in my stupidly expensive wheelchair

even after paying all that money this silly thing gets me nowhere!

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