When WIll I Blossom, When WIll I Bloom

Boom Bang the sound resounds through the room
I fall to the group hit my head on a floor, KaBooom
and a big cabinet which has made me quite sore
my migraine did soar from an 8 to a 10 on the pain scale
thats why this damn poem has so many words misspelled
what can I do but rant to you to avoid my pain
the brain is swollen and angry willing to put me in eternal agony
I don’t know how to handle this anymore I feel as if I just don’t have the strength in me
what is wrong with me all I need is some damn energy
sometime I feel like I can no longer breathe
I just want to be normal and go hiking again
sightseeing, traveling, and loving life again
supporting my family like a young Man again
loving my fiance like a Man again
When will this happen
when will I blossom
when will I bloom
when will my dreams finally come true?

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