Inspired by Hitch-22


Today whilst reading Christopher Hitchens Hitch-22 and his early days at Oxford as a young socialist and reader of Trotsky I found this quote which I wholeheartedly agree with. “…I realized what I have often had to accept since, that if you persuade yourself of something, you are probably already very much inclined to doubt or distrust it.” That’s why I often distrust the uninformed family members who say MIchael everything will be ok God is watching over you and lots of people are praying for you. My response if I could force myself to be impolite would be “ God was watching as I got this too if that’s the case and he never interfered even though I had thousand of people praying for me before I was diagnosed, but that doesn’t count right God gets to interfere when “the time is right?”” But being the polite person I am I just say a short thank you and quickly wheel myself away from those lunatics.

You see those who seek knowledge and who continue to educate themselves approach this whole situation differently than those who are simply concerned but sadly don’t care to read my articles I can tell by the questions they ask me, even most readers that have never even spoken to me would know what they do about my illness. Whereas my relatives who seek knowledge have read my articles and subtly ask for further information on the topic and I gladly tell them as they listen intently. Someone who seeks knowledge makes it in today’s world so long as he or she doesn’t squander opportunity, you cannot be stubborn, and you must be polite even if the other people around you are rude it proves you the better man or woman.

Heck the whole reason I went and filled my shelves with books on classical literature, physics, geology, mineralogy, space, satellite communications, NASA history, Soviet history, Biographies of great men and books from great philosophers and political activists like Leon Trotsky whose 3 book set lies on my shelf half read due to my difficulties seeing upstairs. Little do my fiance or mother know but I plan to ask my father how much of my walls could be adorned with books if we put shelving everywhere there wasn’t already furniture. I love reading and I have a desire to collect masterpieces as home libraries are becoming a rarity sadly.

I hope to someday be one of those intellectuals who is called upon by great universities to come speak and I’d always bring books to hand out to the best students of the class. I was never ever given a book by a teacher and was always sort of angry about that I had so much will to learn but they taught us so slowly and so boringly that I simply lost interest in school and essentially created a second personality Michael the gaming addict that it took me years to fend off. Now I am back in what I feel is my natural state writing and reading with ferocity like an uncaged jungle cat stalking it’s prey I am fine tuned for this. The words flow like ink from my fingers onto the screen with bery little effort put in these are simply the thoughts passing through my mind fine tunes for an audience.
I hope you enjoyed this honest article, and I sure hope you support my dream of someday having an extensive home library collection. Next in my sights are a signed copy of Feinman’s set on Physics which I’d absolutely love to read. I am hoping my family can find an original copy of the set! That would sure be worthy of investing in, such a fine set of literature written  by one of the most celebrated physicists of our day. This my friends is how you write properly- read as much as you write. Take that advice and it’ll take you to a world of effortless writing you had never known about before. So thank you for reading and if you do by chance take my advice let me know how it works out for you. It certainly hasn’t failed me or any of my companions.

2 thoughts on “Inspired by Hitch-22

  1. You can find all of Feynman’s books on Amazon. Order all you want on my account, your mom knows the way. Read when you can, I also love to read but your interest are far finer than mine and on a much higher level of intelligence , Gpop

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