Head of Vasculitis at the NIH, really?


Man I hate Churg-Strauss I really do

just look at what it does to you

then some unknown doctor questions your diagnosis

that dude better be under psychosis

I have 5 out of 6 boxes checked that say this is definitely CSS

the only thing they don’t have is a positive tissue biopsy

of which only 40% of us ever have.

I feel like he’s detroying my life

taking away the only name we have to aim at

and if he does I migh just make this man my doormat

and end up in a psych unit for stomping on his face

damn I hate being sick and part of this rat race.

I just want to get better

screw all these doctors

the pharmaceuticals make me sicker

I’d probably be better off with only medical marijuana

which by the way has been legalized in NY

so now I can speak of it without risking my life.

CSS is a powerful disease something nobody would wish for

thats why I get furious when they try and take my diagnosis away

Yes there are abnormalities I have 2 other neurological diseases

obviously, you can tell straight away by checking my charts

which the NIH has but I think they use them to play darts

this guys can’t be the head of vasculitis

the problems he has with my case are childish

I could get on the phone and disqualify his complaints 1-2-3

if only this idiot would talk directly to me.

5 thoughts on “Head of Vasculitis at the NIH, really?

  1. Please name the responsible Doctor and we can spread his name around for all your followers to see and possibly contact for your cause. Ps could not get your earlier blog to load .?

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