I’m no John Doe


No matter what happens in this life I gotta stay strong

to falter and become weak wouldn’t benefit my purpose at all it’d be wrong

I’ve been vomiting so much  like all I have been eating is dry wall

yesterday once again I had many a bad fall

I hope I can remember everything for these doctors all depends on what I recall

I’m in advocacy for the long haul, I may have some bad moments but I promise I won’t stall.

I’m feeling lower than low

maybe shutting down this NIH doctor’s ego would help me feel more ready to go

I wanna go off on him and have him be like whoa Im sorry if I offended you bro

I just wanna forego the NIH now and find somewhere else to show that im not your average John Doe

The sky aglow with fireworks for the 4th of July

which makes me cry due to all the explosions in the sky

causing intense pain inside my skull and mind,

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