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The Migraine Research Foundation is an invaluable asset to the migraine community that’s why today I’ve chosen to write about this amazing group of people that provide wonderful research and grants for that necessary research. The MRF was founded in 2006 due to the need for research that wasn’t being fulfilled by the government nor any other charitable groups. Not many people know but migraine affects 1 in 4 families in the United States. Migraine cases vary widely and perhaps that’s why astonishingly enough we still don’t know the cause of this overwhelming headache disorder. This year migraines will disrupt the lives of over 36 millions people 1 in 10 Americans, their friends, or coworkers will experience this terrible neurological disorder. The World Health Organization recognizes migraines as one of the world most disabling diseases. Think about this statistic every 10 second someone goes to the Emergency Room for a headache or migraine. That’s quite a baffling crowd, so why is something so widespread so underfunded? Ask your state government official because every single year many of us advocate go to Headache on the Hill to make them aware of neurological stigma and the lack of research being done.

Donate Here: all donations go DIRECTLY to the MRF 100% of each one.

Even more baffling than the lack of support by our own government are some of the ugly statistics some of which I’ve already included in this article here are a few more key figures:

  • Half of all migraine sufferers experience their first attack by age 12.
  • Three times as many women suffer than men.
  • Around 14 million people suffer from chronic daily headache, when attacks come nearly daily  and treatment is extremely difficult and costly.
  • Chronic migraine sufferers are part of the legions of Americans with chronic pain who consume an enormous amount of healthcare services, with an estimated annual price tag of close to $50 billion. U.S. employers lose more than $13 billion a year from lost work days due to migraine.
  • Now if businesses recognized migraine and allow employees a dim room in which to take medicine and keep hydrated I bet they’d lose an hour out of those work days instead of billions spent on full days of work lost.
  • Despite its prevalence and major impact on society, business, and families, migraine is still largely undiagnosed, widely misunderstood, and research is still severely underfunded.
  • MRF grants are typically $50,000 and last about one year. They provide seed funding to researchers through a competitive process, enabling projects that can demonstrate success to seek larger-scale support. In addition, by offering these grants, MRF attracts more researchers to the challenge of advancing the science of migraine medicine and encourages new lines of inquiry leading to prevention and a cure.
  • MRF solicits research proposals that will ultimately lead to better treatment and quality of life for sufferers through an annual Request for Proposals (RFP). Our world-renowned Medical Advisory Board is comprised of the nation’s pre-eminent migraine doctors and researchers. They review and discuss grant proposals, considering their innovation, importance, achievability, and relevance to advancing migraine science, and they advise MRF’s Board of Directors.

I am pleased to say MRF has funded 41 projects in 7 years. Twenty-six have been completed, and several more are in their final stages. Many have been published in leading scientific journals and presented at research symposia. Each year, the response to our RFP has grown as word of our presence in the research community has spread. To view a description of MRF grants and a final report for each of the MRF’s completed grants, please see MRF’s website at:


Since its founding, MRF has run a very lean organization. Members of our Board of Directors underwrite all operating expenses. As a result, all money raised goes directly to fund research and help sufferers. We are acutely aware of our mission – we raise money to give it away. We are not interested in building a bureaucracy or an endowment.


So please after taking a good read think about how much good and research the Migraine Research Foundation has done for us and consider donating below:

3 thoughts on “The Migraine Research Foundation

  1. How does the MRF decide which research projects are worth funding and which are not? Certainly, competitive and focused research is beneficial in many ways, but studies that take new approaches often fall by the wayside. In the latter group, potentially effective treatments or new negative evidence may be shelved in favor of research projects that continue along current research trends. How does the MRF balance novel approaches/methodologies with dominating trends?

    • Hi K.C.,

      Our Medical Advisory Board is made up of the top migraine doctors and researchers in the world. We would love to fund every solid proposal we receive, regardless of trends in research. However, the number we can fund depends entirely on donations from people like you. The more donations we receive, the more grants we can fund! If you would like to see more grants funded, please consider donating to Michael’s fundraiser, or becoming an MRF fundraiser yourself. Feel free to contact us for more information.

      – Migraine Research Foundation

  2. I have suffered from migraines since I was in elementary school. no doctor has found out why I have these. I am turning 55 on the 24 of august and really do not want to deal with the pain anymore. I just want a way out. I know how Robin Willams felt. You can only suffer so long! Why is there not help?!

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