You Don’t Have to Have Cancer to get Chemotherapy

chemo bag

I hate it I really do that everytime I say I’m on chemotherapy the reply is medical professional or reader- “I didn’t know they gave chemo for migraines” or “What type of cancer do you have”. I have come to absolutely abhor these two responses damn them both. Why you ask? They’re both unintelligent responses, they  show a lack of medical education in someone.

The first does because they sure as hell do not give chemotherapy for migraines! Secondly when have I EVER mentioned chemo and migraines in the same sentence, even when doing chemotherapy whilst having a migraine I am pretty sure I never mentioned the two like that simply so the less educated wouldn’t get confused by such a statement. People obviously need to be educated about the uses of chemotherapy in medicine. Just because cancer is its most common usage means nothing. My Churg Strauss Syndrome is absolutely nothing like cancer, why most cancer can be cured now I can only hope for remission. That’s a huge difference not to mention my disease destroys organs, nerves, blood, everything. What does cancer do? At worst it reaches many of your organs which is the same with CSS except it can go much further due to the very nature of this vasculitis.

The second response “what type of cancer do you have” I hate for the same reason but mainly a wholly different one. I HATE that people support cancer so much especially breast cancer and such why not support children with all diseases at St Judes or donate to something like vasculitis where the cause and cure are unknown! At least cancer can be cured in most people with the minimally invasive surgeries available nowadays. I understand some types of cancer are hard to deal with and hard to get rid of but I’d deck the cancer patient who dares to say their discomforts come anywhere near that of a Churg Strauss Syndrome patient. I really hope people soon realize more illnesses than cancer require chemotherapy or perhaps this Stigma will stick around for years to come. We can only hope that people choose to educate themselves.
Now for me to leave with some educating words. Vasculitis, Cushing’s Syndrome, Arthritis, Amyloidosis, Keratitis, Splenomegaly, Superior Vena Cava Syndrome, and more. So now next time someone says hey I’m on chemotherapy you can make them feel much better by kindly asking “May I ask what for if talking about it isn’t a bother?” Trust me that would get you much further into a conversation with someone like me than asking the above infuriating questions. I feel much better after writing this article I just hope some of you enjoy watching it.

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