Sacrifice: Paying My Dues to Others


Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice

For the comforts of other who are deprived

And who want support, and won’t be denied

I am here to be that guy

I have a phone for you to call or text

And a PO Box for us to correspond with!

I will do this all for you

All I ask if that you use it

But not abuse the system just enjoy it

Call me tell me how the day went, what you achieved, just to vent, or for some reprieve

I’ll listen to you as long as you need because I’m an advocate pushing you to succeed

I want everyone with chronic illness to have a life

No matter how horrible your fight

I will get you to enjoy this life

And I will be your friend forever so long as you appreciate these small favors!

Enough is enough

It’s time to grow

This website is about to blow

As we get some SEO

And we will work to provide useful features

So that you can feel human and not like creatures

So that you see that others suffer like you

This is a widespread problem

And it deserves some attention

That’s why I need all those Twitter mentions!

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