Work Update 7/9/14


Today has been quite productive for me and that makes me one happy camper! I signed up for a ridiculously good deal to create phone applications and will have a consultant helping me build one for my revamped site. So NOT ONLY will Migraine Discussions itself have an app which will be free but the new websites name will too and a much more polished one with far more features. I plan to make the newer more polished version a paid app though cheap to allow me to make money for travel as a health advocate and to arrange talks at local venues and colleges. Any revenue will be used to further my advocacy career and perhaps to get some clothing and merchandise with the new logo on it for everyone to try out.


I also shipped out the Axon Optics glasses to the winners of the contest. So a big congratulations to them and I hope they both enjoy their new glasses. I had a decent turn out but expect to get more and more as I move along. In September I will be doing another giveaway hopefully to celebrate the implementation of my new website! THis would be huge for me as the new website is miles ahead of this one in terms of features and the look of it all. The custom theme just looks far more professional the only thing that needs some work is the logo I’d like it look more polished but that’s something to talk to my web designer about later today.


Other than that I’ve posted a poem and written this short article for you all as an update to how things are going, my book is moving along though still on chapter 3, and the website is also moving along well with the homepage completely done and now for the really detailed pages to be created! I hope my investment in this website will encourage other health and patient advocates to step their game up and invest in more professional looking websites so that it attracts more people. I sure hope my renovations and paying for SEO help me out in the Google and Yahoo rankings as I suck at SEO personally.
Anyways lastly I just wanted to say I’ll posted when the phone app is available and put the QR Code up on the sidebar of my website. It is shockingly good considering this is my first app and I only spent 6-12 hours on it thus far. Now I am moving on to typing my weekly Axon Optics article as one of their journalists and I am so proud to say that I’ve been paid for June my first paycheck since I got sick besides the travel stipend check from WEGO Health which was also very gratifying to receive. I am slowly learning the ins and outs of being your own boss and entrepreneurship. I may soon take on freelance writing projects to supplement my small amount of income so I can fly to more conferences and start my masters degree soon online. Thank you to every reader, follower, fan, and subscriber I have you’ve all made these huge leaps forward possible, no not by donating I haven’t recieved much in the way of donations for myself as I’m usually busy fundraising for a cause like the Migraine Research Foundation or Vasculitis Foundation. I soon hope to create a crowdrise for myself and add it to my fundraising page on the new site which should generate a lot more money for me even if people just click ads on occasion to help me out or if you see my amazon affiliate store and genuinely need some of the same products I use you will have access to them and I will benefit by making a small profit from the sale. That will fund all the driving, new medical equipment, and some of my medical bills as well as keeping this new site going and helping me to repay my parents for putting up seed money for some of these innovative ideas I have for migraine discussions. Well now I’m off to write an enjoyable article for Axon Optics lets hope they enjoy it too!

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