Migraine Discussions Application: Download it Today for Android!

Migraine Discussions

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Check it out everyone I finally got my mobile app uploaded so far only to the Amazon and Google Play application stores for android but it’s soon to be on itunes store as well! The application features coupons for Axon Optics glasses, all my social media including twitter, pictures via instagram, all my posts article & poetry, all my new contact info and the ability to call or email directly from your phone, and soon to come a store on it with all the products I support and utilize myself for migraine prevention and relief. It’s an absolutely free application though it does include ads to generate me some funds to use for traveling to talk at colleges and conferences worldwide. In fact my first talk is on Monday in WHippany, NJ at the ExL Pharma conference at Bayer’s offices! I am extremely excited and I’ll be speaking with a published author who is narcoleptic, and the Executive VP of WEGO Health Bob Brooks who I will be trying to prove myself to and seeing if I can get myself yet another permanent job for now. You can click the link above to download my app for you android phone thus far, soon to be available in the itunes store too!
Anyways I spent a lot of time working on this application it’s my first time ever developing a mobile app and I spent quite a bit of money working on it and learning to do so. I also had to pay to even be allowed to give away this app for free so keep that in mind and every once in a while click the ads that pop up to help me out financially with my travel and medical bills. I also just paid a small fortune, to me at least, to LegalZoom to get my website set up as a business so I can begin selling some services after I talk to some attorneys and work on what I can and cannot do with my own website legally. I need to learn from them what’s considered giving out medical advice and for them to write a proper disclaimer for me now that I will be a business in September with the release of my revamped professional looking website. I think you all will surely enjoy the look of the new site it’s absolutely beautiful, you’ll just have to get used to the new name which is more memorable and allows me to work with more chronic illness!
I will additionally add a QR code below so you can simply scan this post and download my app or print it and scan the QR code with your phone! The app is absolutely beautiful and for my first time creating one is really amazing so I truly ope my fellow patients will enjoy the features I’ve added. Below is the QR code I mentioned earlier feel free to scan it to download the Migraine Discussions app for your android phone and within 48 hours your iPhone as well! Please use the code below or click the link at the top to download it from the Google Play store or the Amazon App store and soon the itunes store as well! Thanks for reading and I hope many of you download this app and tell all your friends about it!


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