Life Update: A Summer Trip to LBI


Life is good folks but I’m working damn hard to succeed in the time I do have left on this Earth! Today I spoke to some small business banking specialists and at 3PM I have an appointment with my attorney to figure out how we can and cannot operate I have a lot of questions about that since this is my first business. The website is quickly moving along and the art portion is great thus far! I really couldn’t ask for more, and President of US Pain Paul Gileno emailed me today and will be in contact soon. That’s quite exciting all in itself I mean this is great I am networking with the president of a great NPO now and I love working with US Pain as an ambassador so talking to Paul again would be a delight!

I’m also just packing to go to New Jersey for a portion of the weekend before I have to come back Sunday morning to prepare for my talk on Monday at the ExL Pharma Conference, I am quite excited that I’ll be giving my talk with the Executive VP of WEGO Health. It’ll surely be yet another fantastic networking opportunity for me as well as my first public speaking event which makes me quite nervous and excited!  I am also happy to be seeing my grandfather who will be managing my writing career and helping me find a publisher for my first book since he luckily has been published in the past by MacMillan I believe.

I am fortunate to have so many good things in my life yet I can shake the depression that seems to seep into my mind constantly as I fight back but it’s a losing battle the depression always comes back with worsening migraines. Which I unfortunately always have and it has been that way for nearly 3 years  now. I got sick at 21 and I’m going to turn 24 with 3 more diagnoses but no closer to getting better than I was three short years ago. I guess that sitting in the back of my mind is what depresses me. I don’t want more birthdays because all it signifies to me now is that I’m one step closer to my deathbed. Life goes fast and 15 years can fly by so who knows what will happen to me or whether I will live or die. I just hope that no matter what happens my family and friends and fiance all continue on and live their lives to the fullest, to enjoy their time on Earth because the idea of an afterlife isn’t a guarantee so we should make the most of the time we have on this beautiful planet of ours,
Thank you for reading and helping to bring me all of this success I simply cannot believe I am working 4 jobs plus writing for my own site and managing it all whilst terminally ill. Heck I used to hold 2 job titles when I was well and I thought that was difficult, but compared to this it was nothing! I fundraise for the Migraine Research Foundation, Fundraise and plan events to be sponsored by the US Pain Foundation, and work hard for the Vasculitis FOundation as a Patient-Partner in V-PAC the Vasculitis Patient Advisory Council which should be a significantly interesting job! I need some time to rest now as I just finished fending off a cluster headache and a migraine(well the migraine isn’t gone but it’s down to a 7 the most relief I’ve had in 3 months).

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