Boating And Swimming


I was out on a boat afloat with my mother, grandfather, and fiance
we greatly enjoyed our day, it was all fun and games
now we’re going to the pool to relax and make new friends
I sure will be sad when our short trip comes to an end.

I love my grandparents thats without a doubt
the things they’ve helped me with I couldn’t do without
they are invaluable to me not because of their money
but because they have compassion and truly love me
and I love them back all the same they are wonderful people in this little game we call life
I couldn’t have asked for better grandparents in any other life
these are people I respect, enjoy, and care about
so I prefer them to stay alive and not go without
it’ll be hardest on me when they die I have no doubt
because we’re so close them and we love each other to death
I just hope it doesn’t come soon for them cause I’m not ready for them to leave me yet!

I hope all my readers have loving families
people who care for them and show compassion at the very least
those who are glad to help in your time of need
these are the family members you need to hang on to indeed.


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