Tonight I experience the fright
of one certainly awful sight
with a stream of blood in place of urine
what a disturbance to my peace of mind.

I don't want my Vasculitis advancing
and seeing this new symptoms has me dancing
with anxiety about what exactly it might mean
but I'd probably feel better had my pee been green
that crimson color was obscene and really frightened me!

Please help me fight this pain
the level it has reached in absurd
so much so that I feel quite perturbed
In need some well-deserved relief
but I have no more belief
in that fact that I will get better
and feel no more grief.

That dream is a long way off
seemingly too long for me to wait and just play the pain off
what do I do in the meantime to cool things down
and take the immense frown from my face
no wonder things never go my way
I never go the optimistic route.

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