Hot Tubs, A Bloody Mess, and a Fishing Trip


After the 3 hour drive to my grandparents house last night with my neck and back in agony from all the little potholes and bumps in the road all I could think of was seeing my grandparents smiling faces, and two words “hot tub”. You see I don’t own this luxury at home yet here it’s readily available and practically new as my elderly grandmother very rarely utilizes it anymore. When we arrived I had a horrid level 10 migraine and a small cluster that couldn’t be aborted so I wasn’t in such a fantastic mood.


After about an hour of getting hydrated and sulking in a dark corner I finally found the courage to get in my bathing suit and try the hot tub. I say courage because ever since I’ve gotten ill heat triggers my nausea and sometimes a severe migraine as well. Luckily the heat wasn’t too bad and didn’t set off any vomiting. In fact the warmth of the jets helped get some knots out of muscles I can’t have worked on with massage because it’s just too painful. So in that way this was absolutely a great night and a beneficial experience. I really like that hot tub and if we decide to stay and not move too soon then I may just ask for a swim spa or hot tub to help with all my aches and pains.


However the night took a turn for the worst as soon as I’d finally relieved some stress I’d been having about starting  a real business with little guidance and no one to trust but myself. When it comes to money I’ve found that even friends and relatives don’t mix so I try to keep everyone away from what I’m doing in terms of my website. That isn’t the point though, what happened was I had to go to the bathroom and began to urinate as normal. Everything was going fine until the stream stopped and I felt a sudden pain then the stream began again except this time instead of urine it was crimson red blood. THis scared me, I’ve had blood in my urine lately but only a few drops per session in the bathroom and it hurts the same too. This case just seemed a lot worse because it was a stream of blood. I wish it had never happened as situations like this make me absolutely insane with worry and pessimism. So I ended up stay up quite late until 4am in fact and only sleeping perhaps 2 good hours, then I woke up at 6, fell asleep again, and woke up for good at 9 when someone could help me out of bed. I can really never wake up before everyone else and be ok because I can no longer dress myself, get myself food, climb stairs without support, do long walks, and much much more such as showering being an issue. I just feel like a burden and issues like blood in my urine certainly don’t help the feeling since now we will likely see yet another specialist.


Anyway I’m off to go fishing here on Long Beach Island with my Grandfather and my fiance Venus who of course says hi to all of our readers. I sure hope we don’t just ride around and that we actually get to catch some fish, but we might not be able to do that today.Weird thing is I don’t even eat the fish my Grandpa and Grandmother do I just enjoy the thrill of the catch and the art of fishing with all the various methods like surf fishing off the beach to going out on a boat it’s a really enjoyable and relaxing spot where you get some quality time to chat with whomever you go out fishing with. I hope you all enjoyed this article and that you will come back again for more in the future. Thanks for your time and patience and for dealing with my venting through words, I really and truly appreciate your readership!


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