Nights on LBI and Business


Tonight it’s beautiful out and I sit by a candle with my fiance Venus enjoying the weather except one thing won’t stop tugging away at the back of my mind….and that’s work. I started and now whenever I stop I simply begin to worry and get horrible anxiety. Earlier when I was working and occupied I was sure my ideas were spot on and that they’d surely work in the suture. However now I am even having doubt about my entire web design and wondering whether I should ask my designer to start over on the menu because I am now confused as to what features I’d like again. I know this would be a burden on him but I really want to impress the patient advocacy world and bring to it something new, features and technology that aren’t run of the mill or old news. I want my site to be unique and to gain me more of a following. WHat am I hoping this will lead to? I am glad you asked as I shall explain in the next paragraph.

I am hoping that a professional looking website that has some volunteer staff writers and a plethora of content as well as some innovative features would grab people’s attention, maybe make them say hey look at that site it’s for both caregivers, doctors, and the patients, focuses on all three, and provides literature on different reading levels. The site will offer new profile features as well that I’m sure most of the community doesn’t use if they have access to and why is that? The website that provides tools to migraineurs barely releases any content at all in fact places like often recycle articles and post things written months ago. Personally I’d rather write a whole new piece on the same topic than spam you with the same story twice or more in a year. That’s why I’ve decided to work with 3 volunteers so far to make my website a success and when I do start making revenue they will be paid as soon as the website and legal fees are all repaid in full.  The answer to the question in the last paragraph though is my goal is to generate rnough funds to pay for me and my employees to travel around giving talks and advocating. Not only that but to be paid for our public speaking events and invited to talk at different conferences around the United States. Perhaps with the team of sponsors I have behind us we can pull off such a feat.

My main gripe with all this is whether I am moving too quickly or not and the answer I’ve been getting is no I’ve taken this blog as far as it’ll willingly go without some professional help with SEO and a custom web page. So I went much further than I was told as I always do and had an overly professional extremely nice webpage made costing me several thousand dollars and the SEO costing nearly the same for an entire year of 10 monitored keywords with backlinks. I currently have little to no SEO and backlinking so this will be a blessing and I’m told my web traffic will skyrocket especially writing as often as I do on the blog. The innovative ideas I have for the community should help too especially since we’re all credible advocates(the people who will be working with me) and are all writing books at the moment which will only allow people to take us more seriously as Journalists. So with this site becoming a business in just a matter of weeks and the new site launching in September I am quite positive my time will be fully occupied working 4 jobs and being President/Founder

of the youngest one. Hopefully my connections with US Pain, MRF, and being a Patient-Partner in the VF’s V-PPRN will help speed success along for me. I am hoping my fellow volunteers will donate or come up with a creative way to fundraise for merchandise for the new website as I have some beautiful new logos to use and I’d love to have shirts and such made in bulk so we can sell them instead of a site like Zazzle being our intermediary and taking all the profits. Perhaps we will work with TeeSPring till we have more funding available to us!

Anyways this post allowed me to relieve myself of some anxiety and vent some of my issues. I’d gladly share all the problems with you but then I’d give away hidden features of the new site and the great unique ideas we have to monetize it. This would allow us to travel to all headache disorder conferences and me all vasculitis related conferences as well to raise awareness which is our main goal. In the end this isn’t my career at least I don’t think I’d ever want to make that much off patients that I could make a living off of them. I’d rather make a small amount off of them clicking ads, buying products through our Amazon store, and utilizing our services once we offer them to the public. We sure will appreciate any help we get and I appreciate any suggestions you readers have for me to earn some extra money to fund my little dream project here. Thank you for reading I hope you will do so again in the future!

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