Pools, Frustration, and New Homes


Getting out on the boat was good for me but perhaps the best thing that has happened this weekend is getting in a pool for underwater therapy. I was able to finally move my legs and arms without feeling like weights are tied to all my limbs and my joints didn’t feel so much like stone in this unique salt water pool which I thoroughly enjoyed as a guest of a Grandfather’s yacht club in LBI. The hours spent at this pool really made life a lot easier for me and may even have changed the way we will be living here at home.

Soon luckily I will be asking my parents to wall in our porch and either put in a small in ground pool or a swim spa. Now we know for sure either one would help me immensely but ONLY if I can use it all year round. This underwater therapy helps me move greatly and I’m sure I could make it enjoyable too. I’d love an in ground pool where I could drop weights all over the bottom and force myself to swim after them and grab each one before coming up for air again. I was a strong, scratch that immensely strong swimmer as in someone who would easily qualify to be a lifeguard prior to getting vasculitis and neuropathy. I really do need that help of my limbs bending much more easily in water allowing me to eventually get back to more land activities such as jogging perhaps and maybe swimming laps will be my new core exercise and a huge tool in my arsenal to get better.

Honestly though I don’t see those change happening at this home and my family doesn’t understand this home no longer works for the majority of us. We would be far better off in a large 1 floor ranch with 4-5 bedrooms and 2 full baths upstate with an acre or so of land we would have plenty of space for the dog and an indoor in ground pool to be used year-round as I work from home. You see right now we have an upstairs and a basement that both me and my father have trouble getting access to so what’s the use, especially with my bedroom being upstairs it’s a real challenge for me and the reason I sleep on the couch so often. I would be forever grateful to my parents if they managed to find new jobs and let us move to an area where we’d pay half or less the property tax and probably receive more in terms of support and services from our local government. You see here neighbors put up big fences so they won’t see each other, I want to live in a community where people are glad to meet their neighbors and where I can feel safe that all my neighbors like me and would invite each other to barbecues and block parties etc. In a smaller town I’d definitely be able to advocate more easily though right now I can’ complain with how close to the colleges we’re but it’s be such a hassle to stay here I mean just to keep our feet on this property costs over $12,000 a year, that’s insane ¼ the average American’s ages just to live in my area and it isn’t like we’re wealthy or anything either.

The only reason I see for paying extra to live where I am is the proximity to good public schooling or at least what’s considered to be. Personally I think the only place I learned anything was middle school grades 7-8 here and that was all from the engineering classes we took with a former Grumman engineer who I remember quite well. In fact I hear he will works there and I may go present him with an awards for making an influence on me and my life sometime, I bet that’d make the man’s day after dealing with young teens all day long. I think he truly deserves it, but honestly people are supposed to move out of this area after their kids are out of school that’s how things work around here but my parents just keep funneling money down the drain n with every extra day spent here. I am even offering them the right to put my health to the side for a bit while they go house hunting but they stubbornly refuse. Heck my mom’s main friend in the area is going to be moving soon too why we can’t just preclude the inevitable and go somewhere where our dreams and comfort are possible is beyond me. My parents know my fiancé and I will require home offices and that we will be living with them early in our professional careers. I just hope they see the sense in a 1 floor home with far less property taxes soon!


One thought on “Pools, Frustration, and New Homes

  1. Sounds good Mike Now you have some detailed research to do. Where is such a place, what are the cost of housing. What jobs are available for your parents. What is the weather like, etc etc..Don’t forget to look overseas too. Good luck Gpop

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