Volcano Brain

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As the lava flows around my brain

all I feel is blood-curdling pain

I dont even know where I am

all I feel is pain and that’s who I am now

who can relieve this three year menace

that has been causing pain inside my body constantly

all I feel is agony and my oh my every day I think why me?

The pain is almost overwhelming to me

How can this be that this has cause so much harm to me

I just want to let it be and become normal allowed to be me again

but the issue is the pain is creeping up on me my friends

I need this pain to subside soon, but my screeching agony is seemingly here to stay

I need things to change I just cannot live this way!

I’m looking to anyone for help

Pharma, doctors, advocates, anyone who can offer assistance

I just seem to be meeting so much resistance

and the funny thing is this resilience comes from my own body

I just dont know why my body hates me

and has decided to attack itself causing autoimmune disease which is horrible on its own

not to mention my disease is terminal now which took me out of my zone

now I have trouble thinking because my mortality is constantly on my mind

I need to get back on my daily grind as a patient advocate with and for the people

I won’t let some silly illness come and defeat me because I’m here for others

I won’t stop until they have a cure and are covered!

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