Getting my Readers Fired Up!


Today I want my post to make a difference but just saying so won’t get me a damn thing, I have to prove myself to the world every day. Just like you all go out and work hard to make money, raise kids, or struggle against illness, heck in some cases maybe all 3 and I admire you for it. It takes tenacity, courage, and strength to battle through a situation like this it doesn’t just come to you. You have to want to change your life, YOU and only YOU have the willpower to do that. Sure people will help you along your path and other well those assholes will try and knock you down. There are times when things just aren’t going to go right in life. Times in which everything that can go wrong for you will go wrong and it’s the true champion who manages to pull through these situations with his or her chin held high continuing to do whatever it is you want to do in life.


It doesn’t matter your physical restrictions I understand that makes finding work hard, but people make livings from home nowadays, things have changed. That’s why I’m so stubborn about taking SSI when I feel I am creative and strong enough to create my own income I don’t need to mooch off of other people’s hard earned money! If you have  a fiery passion, that special glow in your eyes, and you make that company recruiter see it they will look past your disability because what they will see is loyalty and a strong will to perform. Since they can see you’ve already won tremendous victories in life by overcoming such adversity to find work or to do a hobby or learn a trade, they WILL likely take you on the team and treat you as one of their own. No this isn’t some made up Cinderella story, it’s the story of anyone with a chronic illness and the will to overcome, an outgoing personality.These are people who will succeed and who aren’t ready to say I give up or I quit that isn’t in their vocabulary or mine we don’t know those word when it comes to our dreams. I can write it but I NEVER tell myself that because no matter how disabled I become I could climb Everest with a tank of o2 strapped to my back the entire way, I can and have started a business of my own at age 23, I have created a whole new sector of the migraine and chronic illness world for people to get their hands dirty with come September! I am an achiever and will continue to be one what I want to do now is have my fellow patients see how I’ve grown in 10 short months since I even started this blog at the time it had 0 subscribers to over 3200 now most of whom actually and amazingly care about my writing.


You see success only comes with that outgoing attitude I never had the confidence to be a leader but chronic illness forced me to become one. Now I give public talks and speeches all over the nation on motivation, patient-pharma relations, social media. writing, political science related to public health, and  my books as well as more because I am no longer afraid to voice my opinion on any matter because I am confident in myself. Sure my voice is shaky with passion and I need to work to channel that passion into my words on stage but I am developing a talent and skill that few have in this world. Talent you’re born with and anybody can have that but skill…that only comes from hours and hours working your trade. Practicing to make yourself the very best person you can possibly be is essential. The power to get people off their asses and do what they truly want to do in life is a gift and it isn’t only for people with chronic illness either that’s simply what set me off on my personal journey. You could be a family member, friend, or caregiver of a patient and still take something away from this article: that you can achieve anything. Some people will tell you that’s motivational bullshit but I’d ask them then how a terminally ill 23 year old with no prior experience wrote his first book is working on a second(4 more in the outlining and drafting stages as well), created a business successfully, is working on changing how the health industry works, won a Rookie of the Year Health Activist Award from WEGO Health, laned 4 competitive jobs 3 NPOs and 1 paid, and and has given public talks while dizzy from urinating blood. Now how often does that happen ask yourself that. Then remember it’s like being stuck by lightning I am lucky to have a natural talent for this, but skill comes with practice and with well over 700 articles written between this and my old blog I can certainly say I’ve been practicing every single day for a very long time and well that will not stop any time soon!


This isn’t all about me though it’s about you my reader how can you improve yourself mentally? Does it require you to make physical changes to your life, might you need to see a therapist to be able work out your true goals, and if so that’s all normal it’s perfectly ok for you to feel that way. I’m not afraid to say I have regular visits with my psychologist she’s wonderful and helps me continue to maintain my positive attitude. She can also help to ease the sense of urgency and speed with which a terminal illness patient feels things need to be done and helps me cope with the days I fail like yesterday during which I released no articles only a poem. I cannot say I didn’t have the time just not the energy, strength, nor mental capacity. I’m not going to lie I was really down on myself for that this morning for a little while but I picked myself up and wrote this inspirational piece both for me an my readers to let both of us know our dreams are within our grasp! What matters is what I do after that failure and as you can see today I have a poem and an article out in time for people to read on their way to work or beforehand.


That’s how winning is done and how you get lots of web traffic even if you have terrible SEO or none at all essentially. Join me on the road to success and don’t be afraid to approach me with projects you might want help on, help with blogging, if you’d like me to guest blog to bring you more traffics etc. I am happy to help my readers succeed in any way possible all you need do is ask me. I will talk you into doing what you think is a dream or impossible, I will talk you into being an outgoing person, in short I aim to change your life and not through some 1..2..3 program your rich guaranteed bullshit but through hard work, practice, and communication. Networking will bring you invaluable contacts that you may utilize today or a year from now the point is you’re in contact with these people maybe send a friendly email reminder to them of your goals every few months and see if they can help you or if anything has changed. Something I tell every patient that wants to work is to get quality business cards made on nice thick premium paper from a good distributor like FedEX, keep the design simple with your name and contact information perhaps a comapny Logo in the center or top left but that’s about as  busy as you want it to be visually because you want them to focus on your information not the card itself. In a matter of months or a year a pharmaceutical company may go from no contact to asking me to head their advocacy group on my illness because they’re beginning a marketing campaign for a new drug. The point of all this blab is to convince you success is a matter of perception set small reasonable goals and perhaps 3 big goals at best to paint the grander picture then go for it. As you achieve these small goals feel good that you’re achieving towards one of your ultimate goals in life. I know you’re all capable of doing amazing things I just hope you embrace that outgoing attitude that’s hidden within all of us, it comes with self-confidence an an optimistic approach towards life!

3 thoughts on “Getting my Readers Fired Up!

  1. Wonderful Mike this could an opening chapter for your self help book for any illness. Keep up the great work. Gpop

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