Succeed Through the Pain


With a huge bang in my brain

all the inflammation has woken me up again

what am I to think about all this pain

wrapped around my occipital nerve extending to my eyes

where it feels like someone is sticking a hot poker just to get a rise

but who gets their kicks out of seeing someone in pain

they must be sick, mentally ill, or simply insane

I can’t continue to life saying God’s name in vein

I don’t know how long my life can even be sustained.

Don’t strain though

in the end ill always be ok

this is how I vent mentally

and though it may seem silly this shit really helps me

struggle through my pain on days I’d normally shrink away

into my dark corner a place I don’t want to be again

but the migraines, churg strauss flare, and cluster headache

are all provoking me to take opioid like bad peers provoking a kid to smoke weed

god damn it all I want to do is succeed!

Thank you for reading and I’d like to remind you migraine research is crucial to our success if you have an extra few dollars and suffer from migraines please join me in donating and perhaps even joining our fundraising team or simply help with spreading the word across social media. 100% of all donations go towards research so please donate towards more understanding and perhaps someday a cure  for all of us today:

Thank you on behalf of the Migraine Research Foundation as their first Ambassador any contribution would mean a lot my first goal is to raise $1,000!

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