Anyone can do it.


A day at the park, a dip in the hot tub, or a day at the beach these are all relaxing in their own way and appeal to all different sorts of people so I recommend trying a few locations to get your relaxation on! If you aren’t too sensitive to light and/or sound how about an arcade or amusement park, especially if you have kids they love this sort of thing! However if you are sensitive to sound and do have photophobia stay clear of this sort of venue and try something more mellow like a local garden if your allergies aren’t a trigger if you have them. If you can’t go to a garden I’d highly recommend a beach or state park depending on how much you enjoy the sun/water and the weather in your area if you even have a beach near you! Perhaps for some a fishing trip or a quick swim in the local lake is just as fun I’d certainly give it a go!

The point is just because you have a chronic illness or even something terminal like me doesn’t mean you can’t have fun all it means is that you’ll have a challenge enjoying yourself due to pain. That is a challenge many people face in life granted to different degrees and sadly many who are in pain always think theirs is the worst it can get, I know from experience this isn’t true. I thought people were exaggerating the side effects of chemotherapy boy was I wrong, that stuff will kill you. But I still wrote articles from the infusion unit, I still answered patient emails, I still helped out anyone in need that contacted me. Again the point is no matter how sick you think you are or you may actually be you can still do something for advocacy or simply to enjoy your own life like read or watch Netflix as I do on occasion whilst getting infusions after I’ve written my daily articles which I’ve been doing for about 11 months now by the way! Almost a year of this and on the 1 year anniversary of my starting advocacy I will have released my new website to you all.

Anyone can have fun and you need to smile or laugh about your condition sometimes taking it so seriously is only going to hurt you in the long run. I’m not saying put off appointments by any means I’m just saying take some time and have a barbecue with friends and family or go eat out with family members. Nobody knows how much longer they will be alive and that’s why you need to wake up every day and be thankful you’re alive and well enough to even think. That’s a privilege some people live without they lose their ability to think properly so if you don’t have one be thankful you don’t have a degenerative disease and that you can recall and love all your family. Thank you for reading and honestly I appreciate every single one of you who reads even one of my articles, I’m sorry if you don’t enjoy it but this is me, this is how Michael thinks and that’s what you’re gonna get! Have a pain free day and be thankful each and every time you wake up!

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