Invisible Torture


Today I woke up feeling like someone was trying to pull my spinal cord out

if I’m in much more pain i’ll simply fucking flip out

I just wish I had a way out that didn’t involve death in my mind

that way I could take some medication and be fine

but that’s not reality for me no procedure, no meds, no salary

I live off of helping other patients

what do you do all day every day for your money and how much do you work

I guarantee my shift is longer and I have no time to play the jerk

I am not trying to impress you just imply how often Im typing

It’s a situation that’s rather trying.

An icepick is stuck in my eye

a nail gun works its way round my head

and meanwhile a butcher is severing off my head

it all feels so real to me this invisible illness that none of you can see

so please just feel some fucking sympathy even though you cannot directly see this illness torture me!

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