Salt “Treatment” A Load of BS


Today is the day I finally say enough is enough the community doesn’t need anymore misleading articles on yet more “dangerous” or “helpful” natural migraine preventatives or triggers. Today I read an article that is sadly one bloggers most read/commented article and certainly shouldn’t be. It’s a whole article wasted on “salt” as a solution to your migraines the same as the ones we’ve seen on chocolate, caffeine, and even healing stones just covering yet another hoax solution. This isn’t a hoax for the people whose bodies it works for sure it’s real to them but everyones body is different, that’s the fact I’m trying to pound into these uneducated people’s heads.

Whilst caffeine may be a trigger for some it’s a solution for others the same as salt so I could load my blog with articles that contradict each other on every trigger known to man on my free time. Or I could write helpful articles like this one which shows my true beliefs and how passionate I am about patients not being lied to, just because it works for one person DOES NOT mean it will work for every migraine survivor. Remember that everyone has a unique body and just because I drink Coca Cola for some relief doesn’t mean I’m going to recommend it to every reader of my blog. I mean if you even look at this bloggers first comment it’s very aggressive and defensive as if she had bothered the reader which is why I don’t write such articles, the first comment was “Salt overload CAUSES migraines! Too much salt is like a poison and the migraine is the body’s way of saying “STOP EATING SO MUCH SALT.” A hangover is a mild version of a migraine–alcohol is a poison, too.”. To be honest I’m not surprised that she totes natural treatments that really don’t work for serious cases of migraine since it’s a hereditary thing and many think a leftover sense from when humans were far more primitive possibly dating back to before spoken language.

The writer, Joy, even says it’s a controversial topic, it certainly isn’t it’s one of the few easily understood things in migraine just don’t eat you PERSONAL trigger and you will be fine if you find something helps with your migraines then perhaps you should be eating that instead of just “salt”. Which had you only read her blog and not mine you might make such a mistake and perhaps trigger a migraine through her ignorant advice. As someone who’s offering advice that’;; affect peoples health you’d think she would leave a disclaimer or something saying this may trigger some people migraines but no instead fake activists like her leave this job to me, I have to protect my audience from articles like this. Might I say this is the perfect example of a bad article on migraines something you don’t want to see and quite frankly shouldn’t have to if everyone that wrote about migraines had or was at least educated about them. Anyways my rant is over I hope you all agree this “Treatment” is really a trigger for some and a natural solution for others but the main point to leave the article with is that every patient is different especially in migraine.

Here’s the article I refer to though I’d prefer you avoid giving her free web traffic for such a terrible article:
I hope if any of you are her readers you can point her here so that she’ll see the errors of her ways an perhaps remove the article or add a disclaimer to stop this ignorance from spreading.

4 thoughts on “Salt “Treatment” A Load of BS

  1. You said it. The other day my neurologist asked me if I had any triggers and I said, eating, sleeping and waking up. Honestly, I tried that at first – keeping a journal, it didn’t help.

  2. Hi, Joy here, responding to the points you made above. The article you have found does NOT purport to be advice, and I had no intention for it to read as if “salt” is something I would have recommended to clients. It most certainly is not.

    No-one has been more surprised than I have been to find how many people have found that this odd tip has helped them BEFORE they read my post, when – like me – the prescription medications obtained from their GP did NOT help.

    In fact, as you already noted, I let the first reader’s comment that you refer to as “aggressive” stand, because at the time of publication I agreed more with her than with the contents of the article! Since then I have taken a more open-minded approach and listened to the experiences of other sufferers, anecdotal though it is.

    You are absolutely right to suggest that I should warn that salt could also be a migraine trigger and I have done this.

    For the avoidance of doubt I have also amended the article to make it absolutely clear what my recommendation to migraine clients is, and it most certainly IS NOT to start consuming salt!

    Thank you for your comments and I am glad you pointed out that the article could have been read as advice, because if was NEVER intended as such, as I hoped to convey by saying how controversial I found it.. Joy

    • Thank you Joy for clearing this up that’s all I wished for is for people to get the right advice I don’t care who it’s from. Thanks for amending the article as I am sure your readers will appreciate it. I will note how much you care at least enough to address my article.

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