With a Legion Behind Me


I don’t feel equal

I feel a like a clusterfuck

living this life of frequent pain

I can no longer stand people telling me not to take god’s name in vain

I am in so much pain I say fuck a creator this is MY domain

I will make life conform to my struggle and come out successful

I have a legion of loyal fans behind me yelling YOU MUST SUCCEED FOR US

So I say screw it why not

I’ll be the advocate to take this thing to the next level

even with all this chronic illness I can make people listen to my broken body

I may be crippled but my voice is stronger than ever so let me be heard

and let the healthcare system converge

so that doctors will work together on difficult cases to cure these patients for real

we need this to survive why do people think this can just be look past as they walk by

Vasculitis needs a cure and for that I will vie

In fact I will fight until the point at which I am ready to die

I’ve been suicidal from all the time I invest

But it benefits me in the end because so many others take that time to rest

I’m relentless and I wont quit until I get this

I will achieve what nobody else has and make change a reality through my dreams

This darkness has provided a light for me to step into

I will speak and teach courses too

I will be a face on TV that people can relate to

I will bring invisible illness to the world and fundraise millions for it

that’s the power of a strong personality

imagine if we all did this there’d be a cure overnight

so help me in my time of plight and let’s ignite the fight within our hearts

Its time for this shit to truly start, change is on its way whether you like it or not.

2 thoughts on “With a Legion Behind Me

  1. I understand your feelings Mike but some of the rest of the world will not ,so lay off the creator stuff, feel what you will but do not loose fans over it. We never know what a few remarks can do to screw up a great effort, Keep up the good fight, We are always with you no matter what, Love Gpop

    • Grandpa of people today cannot accept my ideas and want to leave my readership over it I don’t need those closed minds reading my articles there are 100’s of millions of people with these diseases and I guarantee you most no longer believe in a interfering creator just like grandma. I don’t have any issues with people praying for me or believing in god so if they wan to stifle my beliefs in return good riddance. Many know I don’t be live in god but I accept their prayer graciously because that’s what makes them happy. We must embrace diversity for the human race to continue onward.

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