Passion for Advocacy


My mind is aflame

with new ideas entering my brain

all I feel is pain

unless I have work to complete

then I sit and think about how to eat

with all this nausea I just cannot compete

it’s simply too hard to beat these people that are all well and good

a day in my shoes and they’d be crying, tha’s no good

so I’ll try my best to fend off this chronic illness

until I have it at the point where I can finally kill this

incurable disease hopefully that’ll change in my lifetime

with enough awareness anything can happen in good time

technology is  spreading at an alarming rate

and social media is more popular than ever today

it’s the way many people get their new updates

and how we find people similar to us with which to converse or discuss

I will always continue my advocacy

no matter how hard life ends up for me

I cannot leave others in chronic pain, no solution in sight

at least I have some insight into their lives and we can relate

on many different levels which is absolutely great

there’s so much support online but you need to watch out for the drama filled support groups

that claim they’re just fine, but rather will make your life terribly worse

making you curse them and feel absolutely absurd

I say stay away from thsoe turds and learn from me and other advocates as well

we will lead you in the right direction by my passion you can tell!

2 thoughts on “Passion for Advocacy

  1. I know, right!? One of the support groups burned me really bad last year. Now I just kind of lie low and stay out of stuff. I think no group is perfect! There’s so much “woe is me,” as well. I prefer your defiance, that’s what inspires me to keep going! Thanks Michael!

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