Health Decline & My Need to Pre-write Articles


As my health has declined so have visits to the site which is why I’ve started to write more and more articles starting today for situations where I can’t help but be away from the computer. Heck I’m even going to pre-upload them as drafts so that if necessary Venus can log into my wordpress account and release the articles for you all. Or if I am in the hospital and don’t have the strength to write as is sometimes the case I will be able to release articles written in advance, I promise to keep it original as often as I can and write daily often I enjoy this hobby. However sometime I’m simply physically unable to post. It’s a sad but true statement as I often feel horrible now and I’m having an emergency surgery on Monday. I have no idea how it will affect me so I’m preparing for the worst and I plan on writing at least 3 days worth of content for my readers in case I don’t recover that same day.

I also want to keep you all occupied and keep the site traffic up so that people will come to the new website when it is live. You guys and gals may not realize it but it’s almost August. Another summer speeding by me like a sports car on the highway. I realize the time going by so quickly because as many of you know I’ve started my own business and that in itself is quite scary! Hell starting a business without knowing exactly how to monetize it is scary to anyone, and I am not sure if the services we offer will take off or not this has never really been tried before in the way I am doing it.

We will be offering many services to patients, caregivers, family members, and friends of all members of the website. In fact I think with the role we play will really contribute to flattening neurological stigma, hell all stigma of invisible illness as we expand into other areas once we have revenue I can hire people with cancer, lupus, parkinsons all types of diseases both popular and those that need attention! I want to truly give patient and caregivers a voice through the internet, a way to affect the health care industry. A place where they can be sure the government officials AND pharmaceutical companies PR departments will rest assured see what they have to say about products, policy, regulations, and clinical trials. We will make sure patients understand how to read a clinical trial and decipher the medical language, we will make sure they know how to navigate their insurance policies, and lastly we will show them how to get assistance in paying for medication and needed medical supplies at home. We will be a megaphone for patients and caregivers to grab hold of and let the world know invisible illness is being revealed to the public as a real problem and that we need people to recognize it!

You see I don’t really care if I personally make money off of this business I’d just like to break even. I just want tool to advocate better and a cleaner more professional website to let other businesses know I’m a serious person with innovative ideas. I also created this website to be one of the first businesses in the USA to hire people only with chronic illnesses because I need people who are experts and who have felt the pain. Yes doctors are great at teaching this stuff but so is a patient who lives the subject of discussion. A talk with a rare disease patient is uncommon for many rheumatologists for example many have heard little to nothing about Churg Strauss Syndrome but now they will have access to me and my network of patients who experience this every day. They can create surveys and submit them to help with their research, much can be achieved here it just needs to be done right! I hope I am on the path to success maybe someday all this non profit work and 12-20 hour days of typing will pay off, Remember after my articles it’s on to typing some of my 5 books that are in the works which is not easy so that’s why I spend so long reading, researching, and typing. I enjoy what I do and that’s why I’ve written over 500 articles this year alone on health and scientific topics before my migraine blog I wrote about space and space policy developments I enjoyed that too and someday I’ll get back to my love of science and collecting rare earth minerals and meteorites! Right now though my duty is to the patients and that’s a fact.

I will continue to work hard to have my website ready for launch in early September and I hope the new look will amaze you all. I’ve spent thousands on this project alone, not many advocates can say they put their life savings on the line for the cause but I have, yes it is with the intention of making money, but like I mentioned earlier that will go to paying fellow advocates to contribute to my website. Hopefully this new concept works out it would be a true honor to own a company that successfully works with patients and caregivers to change the healthcare industry. Anyway best wishes to you all I really appreciate you reading this article and some self help posts will be out ASAP!

4 thoughts on “Health Decline & My Need to Pre-write Articles

  1. This is a huge thing you are doing. You have no idea what it will mean to so many, me included. Thank you Michael. I truly hurt for you and everything you deal with. A lot of invisible and rare illness has no voice to it and you are very much needed. It can feel like you are so alone and I speak from experience. I can’t tell you what reading your posts has come to mean to me. Take care.

    • Thank you just had some nut job claimed I bashed cancer and people with mental illness when I simply said funding needs to be more even. People are crazy these days, but thank you so much!

  2. I’m so proud and honored to be involved with your efforts. I can’t wait to change the face of chronic illness, chronic pain, and invisible illness together! I’m so proud of you and I’m in awe of your continued determination and dedication. You’re amazing.

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