As my body lies in agony

I feel this is my destiny

to create a website for people like me

to have a voice to the entire healthcare industry

to change things eventually

like invisible illness and neurological stigma

those two ideologies can drop dead cause all they do is cause pain

and why do that to another person that’s just plain rude

you gotta check your attitude if you approve of this behavior

it needs to change and if I must I will be the patients savior

I will change how the industry works

for the voice of the patient is as strong as it gets in this world

we can change things together and make the Earth a better place

where people don’t discriminate by illness or by race.


We have an epic chance don’t you see

to change the way things will be

this isn’t a joke it’s my life’s work

and perhaps it’ll make a difference if the patients embrace it

and I hope they will because I spent a small fortune to create it

if you build it they will come so the saying goes

I hope it’s true so we can build some revenue

and I can help some people with financial problems its true

by hiring patients temporarily to help them pay for their meds

I just hope the money doesn’t go to their heads

we cant be selfish in our situation we need to join up and have conversation

to decide what must change in the medical world

we the patients have some control over that matter

so lets light the internet up like a firecracker

and show them how much we care, revealing our firepower

an arsenal of words and voices blended together to reveal a strong message

one that’s loud and clear, things need to change and I hope Washington DC hears!

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