A Trip to the Park


Some of you may be familiar with the ITT Tech commercials, if you have seen them then you know how I feel about Axon Optics. I feel their glasses have helped my light sensitivity and improved my life just as much as the people in those commercials whose lives have been changed due to a better education. However, many of you already know my love for this great company so let me share a story with you, one that shows what joys these glasses allow me in life that I previously couldn’t access due to severe photophobia!

I have recently began a new sort of tradition with my fiance, we now go to the park every nice day we can when I’m well enough to go out. I couldn’t even go outside on a sunny day prior to purchasing my first pair of Axon Optics glasses. Now with the outdoor dark rose FL-41 tint I can go just about anywhere, now I’m not saying I can look directly at the sun nor do I recommend such an idiotic thing but what I am saying is I can now enjoy activities that weren’t even a possibility before. We now go to the local park to write articles, poetry, my books, and to read. Heck we’ve even had picnics, strolled around the rose garden, and visited the veteran memorial in honor of my good friend John Bebee and my two favourite cousins Gregory and Francis-Amy both of whom are in the Navy and doing quite well in life. In fact Gregory and his wife even run a rescue NPO for pitbulls which is awesome of them!

Not only can we visit the park but I can go into restaurants that are lit brightly now for a calm lunch or dinner even though we still go at off hours to avoid the noise of the crowds. Again though the point is before these glasses came into my life things like this were impossible for me. Perhaps the most important change though is that I can now read my computer again and look at screens of TV’s, phones, and computers in general. I had to quit my first good job due to having so much trouble doing 12 hour shifts in front of a screen with a headset on all day at a medical based call center that took overflow calls to local hospitals. Had Axon Optics been around at the time, I might’ve been able to keep my job which would’ve made me eligible for SSDI by now instead of being ineligible and needing to apply for SSI.

So I hope this article has been a real eye opener that’s only a glimpse of all that these glasses have allowed me to do now. There’s a whole lot more of these stories I have to tell that would bring people to tears. These glasses are in fact the only way I write these articles for others otherwise I’d be stuck sitting in my corner alone scribbling away in my notebook half blinded by the light in the room and my migraines. So thank you Axon Optics both for taking care of me as a customer and then hiring me to show just how much you do care about those who support your products! Now that is rare nowadays a company that takes care of it’s user base, I am simply overjoyed.

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