Do What you Love in Life!


A lot of people have been asking about my business lately especially family members who are concerned the priority isn’t making money but helping patients, caregivers, nurses, and doctors. But if that’s what makes me happy, what I enjoy in life why interfere when I don’t have any loans to pay off yet. Yes perhaps when taking a loan I would have to consider revenue a big factor but when I’m just starting out I won’t be dissuaded by a low revenue reports. It takes time for SEO to work and for your new name to circulate your fan base. Hell we don’t want to charge most patients the minimum we can afford ourselves, we’d rather find sponsors for this amazing new service and only offer services when there will only be a reasonable fee. At the beginning though there will be only whatever we can afford to implement, we might still simply be a really nice looking blog for the illnesses we cover having donors and/or sponsors already just isn’t reality.

I cannot imagine starting a business without it being ones passion and for me advocacy is the right early career I can tell. If anything all of the good I do will finally pay off when I recover and can work a proper salaried job 40+ hours per week. Few people know how much I desire a salaried job even if it’s half the typical US salary I’m looking for a job/career I’ll enjoy and a company that’ll take care of me if I work my ass off for them, such relationships are very rare nowadays. I plan to make change here too, I want to show patients how valuable they are to business and what they can do with a team, some motivation, and creativity! You can achieve just about anything so long as you’re well enough to resist the pain and you must always remember starting a business you will learn a good lesson whether you’re successful or the business is a flop.

Work is essential when aging or enduring a chronic illness especially an incurable one, why you may ask? Well I’ll tell you, it’s essential to keeping your will to live grim as that may sound. If the mind isnt actively engaged often you stop and think about your feelings which for someone in chronic pain are agony and discomfort. These feelings can be avoided by simply finding a job or some volunteer work you truly love, perhaps return the favor and help out an organization that has helped you. No matter what you do take the time to research it and get to know whether you simply like or truly love your work. That will give you the easy answer as to whether you should continue your job search or hobby search.

Remember NPO’s and hobbies are great work that people will be more than happy for you to do. I’ve actually found that with my hobby of putting together models people will purchase them because they just don’t have the time to do it themselves anymore. I enjoy the intricate details of putting these together and in return I make my money back sometimes with a little extra to purchase another project to work on. I sincerely hope you all find what you love to do in life, sitting in a dark corner isn’t all that productive which is why I got up and finally did something about it.


One thought on “Do What you Love in Life!

  1. This rang so very true to me and hits very close to home. I struggle to have a simple thing, a job, like everyone else due to my blindness and my chronic pain. The latter was the one holding me back most these last ten years or so or I could have gotten a degree and found a job by now. I will never know. Now I am feeling a bit better and getting older and I realized I have to make a go at this now for my personal well-being and sense of value. I have volunteered with organizations such as the Kidney Foundation and Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities and have worked a crisis hotline. Now I hate to sound picky, but volunteering won’t alone cut it for me any longer. I have value and it is hard for others to see that and to find something someone will be willing to give me a chance, hire me, and pay me to do. I would love to make a living, even a small one with my writing and I strive for that every single day now. Thanks for writing and posting this. Good luck to you once more with your website and business.

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