On the first page of our story
It was one that looked so bright
We had so much love and promise
Who knew they’re be monster hiding in the corners of our lives

We had our good times
The first date
The first kiss
The time we said I love you

But somewhere between it all
We took for granted how precious it was
To simply lay and gaze at the sky full of stars and ignoring the darkness that accompanies it

I know there are angels out there
Fighting to make it right
Our love is strong
It burns bright
But sometimes despite it all
Down on this lonely plane it can seem that there are none in sight

I just ask for the hope and guidance
That every good story has
Be it whatever form that comes our way

The lessons we’ve learned recently are ones we shall never forget
But we would like to enjoy a lesson
That teaches triumph and victory even in the face of eminent defeat

I am fighting hard along side my love
One I don’t plan of stopping
But hey can we go back
To being able to lay beneath our sky full of stars
Get lost
Without the fear of the darkness

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