Climbing & Climbing


Crystal ball why am I looking into darkness at this brick wall

even in my dreams I cry and fall as I struggle to climb something this tall

it just seems impossible I’m too feeble and small

how am I expected to overcome this wall with strength that’s diminishing and arms so weak

I feel like I should be sold as an antique

yep that’s how old my bodyparts feel whenever I move they want to squeal

I don’t know how to stop these feelings of agony the expression on my face is one of zeal

why because I know I can beat this illness it isn’t enough to kill me off yet

Saying I only have 15 years is bullshit I’ll outlive my death clock and enjoy it

In fact I’m here to destroy it in my search for treatment

Hopefully I’ll find a doctor who can fix this issue

If not I’ll need a tissue because so few people invest in this vasculitis issue

though new treatments would be profitable for this rare disease

it isn’t as profitable as cancer so we’re kind of screwed

we likely won’t get any attention unless we bring this D.C. and cause an intervention!


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