Life Update: Networking & a Psych Visit


Me at the Ava Lounge in NYC looking out on Times Square and Broadway!

I finally got to see Dawn Buse in person again, last appointment was via the phone because she had to go away for a conference and some meetings. We spoke about a whole lot and she relieved some of my concern about my business idea for the website how to make revenue so I can fund all these medical bills I am so far behind on. She wasn’t the only helpful thing yesterday though I went to event by a company called EFactor, the host was Candice E. Baits who was very pleasant and wants to get in contact sometime soon. I forced myself out of my comfort zone going up to people and being the conversation starter myself I found a lot of business people to speak to not only founders but investors too some of whom showed interest in my idea, one in particular showing a lot of interest and was impressed.
All of the attention really raised my confidence, not to mention I got to talk to these successful people some who already owned successful businesses but we’re getting into new healthcare or IT startups which is helpful because now I know a ton of web and app developers who are in need of business so I could essentially name my price and get what I want. I hope to get in contact with them and see if someone can take the app I have made and integrate 2 features which shouldn’t be super expensive. It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than paying like $40,000 dollars for such a phone app. That and by hiring all the people I networked with I am supporting my own economy.10401603_684523261601497_7214003476036363972_n (1)

I really enjoyed the fact that even with my walker and cane I still managed to go speak to these important people that was a very daunting task for me. I sat watching 2 women chat at the same table ignoring me until I took initiative later in the night i hand them both business cards and explain my story. Not only with them but a few people who seemed most intimidating and experienced, those are the people I approached first and it worked out nobody I talked to was really disinterested. I’m pretty sure we had some short some long but very captivating conversations. We usually ended up exchanging business cards and many expect me to contact them or will be calling me. I love this experience I feel like I have access to whole different world of people and when amongst them I’m not disabled but a great speaker someone who can hold 2 or 3 people’s attention and moderate a good conversation. I used to suck at this but now I feel like slowly but surely my public speaking skills on all fronts are developing and I am just becoming better and better at speaking from my heart. My vocabulary expands every single day and with it I entice people to come and join in on my longer conversations.

The setting however wasnot what I expected and we arrived early so the rooftop wasn’t available until later. It was a nice penthouse but small for the 350 people that signed up to attend. That wasn’t my issue though we got there really early so we had a seat and it was great especially the drink service with so many people it was top notch. The thing that truly got to me was not the lightning it was kind of dim and so great for a migraineur, but the music my god the DJ was SO loud/ I mean they had full out club level sound going on but nobody was there to dance we were all trying to talk and little did I know but we’d picked a set under a speaker so I was really going off I could barely see and I was mixing up word for a while so I sat down and drank some coca cola and took fioricet for the caffeine. Once I could talk again I went and talked to ten or twelve people all of whom it was a pleasure to meet. That’s when I came back to the table to meet the radiologist and PR lady who both took my cards. After all the talking I did I handed out over half my stack of 60 cards. Since mine are so thick it’s hard to bring many anywhere\ so I rarely bring so many cards but to this event I sure did. The whole point was to network and I think I truly hit that on the head!20140730-181057-65457356.jpg

Anyway I am hoping when we roll out our new name, logo, services, and wristbands you all will like it! Right now I am working on developing things on the business side so it might not be ready right away in September but the new blog sure will be out! Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my second true networking experience the first being the talk at Bayer earlier in July. I have a thirst to talk now so if you see this article and you’re running any sort of neurological, chronic illness, rare illness, or inspiration talk summit/conference I am in so long as you can afford a travel stipend thats all. I hope you all have a pain free day and that you spend your time being productive even if it hurt sometimes. I had surgery the day before I went to this networking event so on top of my normal pain I was supposed to be recovering, but I chose to be successful first, that’s my priority just to feed my family and pay all these bills and then to help the patients. I will always be straight with you and that’s my goal.10389474_684523218268168_6270134395624678065_n (1)


2 thoughts on “Life Update: Networking & a Psych Visit

  1. I hope I can get to the point where I can go out and enjoy myself and not pay for it the next few days. I hate having to pick and chose what I’m going to do because of the consequence and if it’s worth the pain and sheer exhaustion that I have to go through just to leave my house for a few hours. I’m extremely proud of you, Michael. You are doing all of this, in pain and knowing you’ll pay for it tomorrow. Congrats for being a brave advocate for us!

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