My Plight


So lonely in my mind

I struggle to survive

every day is a challenge
one I’m meant to meet with balance

for we must enjoy every day of our lives

we all have little time on this earth there’s no time for goodbyes

I’m lucky to have an awesome woman by my side

and a family that provides so that I can strive

to keep my advocacy and business alive

as my body slowly dwindles away

what can I say besides please pray and keep me in your thoughts

I sure will do my best in return to recover and break out of this cage

to be successful and a role model instead of showing rage

I want to advocate til my illnesses are on the front page

I realize it’ll be hard but I’m upto the challenge

for me this is my life and something I value

I’ll never give up I won’t even try to

so help me out by reading what I write

that’s all I ask in this time of plight!

3 thoughts on “My Plight

  1. Mike i know a lot of people I know say they follow you almost every day but do not reply because they just do not know what to say. They want to help but do not know how . please address this issue in one of your blogs

  2. Another wonderful poem. Don’t know how you can concentrate to write!
    You are in my thoughts & prayers as you continue your fight!

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