A Late Night Cluster or Two


So I fell asleep after a hearty lunch of KFC extra crispy chicken, yes I know not exactly healthy  but I love their chicken, biscuits, potatoes and gravy! I absolutely loved this meal but I stuffed myself so full of that crap I caused immediate nausea and discomfort which required some Ativan and Kytril for my nausea, Ativan seems to work quite well for me as an antiemetic. That’s simply my personal experience  with the medications not medical advice just had to say that so nobody takes that statement wrong. When I awoke however the shit really hit the fan unfortunately.

I awoke and felt as if someone was attacking me, in fact I woke up due to the pain and couldn’t see at all with either eye. It was very frightening and I sat there wondering what to do when I decided to call out my moms name. Little did I know she was nearby but I was very irritable and when she criticised me for sleeping so long I went off and nearly locked myself in my room. But I calmed down and went back to the den because that’s where my O2 is and I had a cluster headache. In fact it’s just my luck I feel a cluster coming on now so I must rush to complete this article before it intensifies my migraine and visual issues may hit me hard soon.

Not only did I wake up with a cluster headache which took about 25mins on 15 LPM O2 to get rid of, I also awoke to yet another bad churg strauss syndrome flare which had me so swollen, nauseated, and in pain that I couldn’t even dream about eating dinner. In fact I might have to put in contact and put on my Axon Optics Bora’s before this cluster really ramps up because I’m wearing normal glasses right now and I feel like my eyes are under assault with ice picks when looking at this screen so until I make my revisions I am looking downward towards the keyboard and averting my eyes. I hope to review prescription glasses and contacts from Axon Optics soon for you all and perhaps do a contest related to those very topics!

Anyway I appreciate everyone reading this short late night article it’s nearly 1am here not very late so luckily at least there are still some decent TV shows to watch right now I’m watching Pawn Stars on the History channel which I enjoy. I really enjoy it and had always watched Antique Roadshow on PBS I believe not sure of the channel but I want to buy all the seasons to rewatch I just love learning the history behind all of these items. In fact I find that people with chronic illness are often well read or at the very least have a lot of knowledge about life and are typically book smart and street smart you kind of need to be to be successful in our condition. That’s why I love seeing my migraine and cluster headache family they truly are like real family to me we eat together, share stories, go out together, and strive for victories together. Thank you for reading my late night article I wrote to avoid the pain of this increasingly bad cluster which I am going to treat now with some O2, it was a real challenge finishing this article whilst suffering such pain

4 thoughts on “A Late Night Cluster or Two

  1. Still awake here. When I was on dialysis I had KFC one night for dinner with my family and woke on my dialysis machine which I used every night as I slept. I woke with the most intents pain and aching in my legs. That food tastes so good, but it is potent stuff. The amount of sodium in that chicken caused a bad reaction with the dialysis. It is important to be able to still enjoy the things in life which we love, hoping always that we aren’t made to pay too dearly for it later. Hope the cluster lets you sleep some.

    • Thank you and man I can so close to being on dialysis and being intubated. Sometimes even though I have a terminal illness I can always say someone has it worse than me so I need to toughen up.

      • We all have things we deal with, some way more than others. It’s often different degrees and it’s hard to measure or keep track, but sometimes it makes you feel better. Sometimes nothing does.

  2. I used to love KFC but G mom will not allow it now, they built a new one in Manahawkin and almost no one ever goes there. God taste bad choice Try oatmeal for a snack, I love it. Gpop

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