Sheer Pain


I’m simply amazed I fell asleep without being phased by my pain

but when I woke up I sure paid for it with a cluster headache

tearing my brain apart and living in sheer pain

I didn’t know what to do with my head I feel like Im going insane

when will someone finally fix my brain and my head

I guess my Churg Strauss need to be the priority though or ill end up dead

15 years is all I have to find a clinical trial

I’m hoping to find one and really have success with those vials of new medication

Interlucan 5 or 10 might just be my salvation at least that’s what I hope

I just feel like some doctors are taking this as a cruel joke

Which has really contributed to diminishing my hope and mental state

Why would anyone possibly put down someone so sick and irate

I have a reason for all my hate I’m slowly dying

Who else can tell you that without lying and without a chance at a cure?

No cure exists for Churg Strauss, Chronic Migraines, and Neuropathy

So why taunt me about it when these people know ill live in pain all my life

I hope that’s not true but from my viewpoint it’s reality and that’s my point

I wish to live to over 100 and make so many damn innovations

to this health industry that I truly care for so dearly

people really need to care about me and the fact that I want to help them selflessly

so thank you for reading it really pleases me that you care about my poetry!

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