Gwen Stefani + Migraine treatment= Gossip


It seems yet more fools are coming out of the woodworks to recommends acupuncture to me for the millionth time even though I’ve written about it before here we go again. IIt doesn’t work for everyone get it now? If you’re still too dull to understand lets talk migraine triggers again, we had to blast another blogs article just to get the post changed. People don’t mind misinforming you until I Hold up their hand and yell “dirty liar here” and then they seem to get all offended. Well today is another day I shame someone for writing a crappy article and this time it portrays gossip as medical information.

Anyway today began terribly as I couldn’t move from 4am until now and it’s almost 1pm. What upset me even more is what I was reading under my #migraines tab it seems if I don’t get my articles out early enough some readers turn to other crap out there. Much of that crap coming from popular media outlets today’s happened to be a website called “azcentral”. I shouldn’t say it’s crap just ignorant reading that doesn’t add to one’s intelligence like my articles do or at least I hope they do I try to infuse both sides of the argument into my stories whilst this morning azcentral was busy covering how Gwen Stefani loves acupuncture and how it heals migraines. They never mention for “some” people they look at her advice and quote her like she’s an expert on the subject or that normal people would never be able to afford the same quality of acupuncture she likely gets. Whilst you buy the $99 package, Gwen over here likely gets the $999.00 package which is just a little bit different though they want to portray this as being normal it certainly isn’t. In this day and age most people with chronic migraine cannot afford acupuncture amongst all the other treatment they receive and honestly her migraines were only during pregnancy, excuse me from being slightly rude here but might you wanna ask a chronic migraineur (yes celebrities get that too and know acupuncture won’t fix it) yet they go and ask someone like Gwen Stefani. She probably doesn’t even know the difference between chronic and episodic migraines without whipping out her iphone.

This will never stop remember Anna Nicole Smith? That gorgeous plastic woman who they hired as a trimspa spokesperson? She was spouting health information around the world when boom she ends up killing herself turns out she wasn’t as healthy as we all perceived her to be. You cannot trust these celebrity articles for health information please read it as gossip and move on or better yet don’t support it at all. The fact that these gossip magazines about hollywood actors and actresses even sell is a wonder to me because I wouldn’t want my life invaded should I happen to make more money than the average person. But then again I’d be doing benevolent work like creating a long term care hospital for difficult cases in chronic pain management. Heck we’d use acupuncture too it is a GOOD tool but not a cure or healing trick for any illness. Yes it may make your muscle pain go away temporarily but unless you keep shelling out cash that band aids will come undone eventually and you’ll be right back where you started so no I do not support an acupuncture only approach to disabling migraines.

Please read serious blogs and news articles as they should be read and gossip the same way if you choose to read it joke about it amongst friends but please don’t retweet it or portray it as a serious health article. You might be hurting some of your less educated friends and family who might try such a simplistic method of ridding themselves of migraines only to have them waste their life savings for nothing. Why? Insurance doesn’t cover naturopathic medicine. It might someday when there’s more proof it works at all but for now I think they’d rather reserve their payouts for claims that might truly heal someone and stop them from making insurance claims.

This article may seem cruel to some of you but this is a wake up call to everyone who doesn’t know where to get their information from. Wikipedia is a bad idea too that has been proven via clinical trial yet over 50% of doctors admit to having used it as a reference at one time or another. Everyone should be using google scholar or a journal library to be researching these materials.I mean this is horrific seeing all this misinformation I’ve even seen articles on websites I used to consider legitimate about healing rocks and minerals….I collects rare rocks and minerals I’d be healthy as an Ox if it were true. Yet I have 4 chronic illnesses and counting so the people that believe in crystal energy and sceptres and all that can really bugger off. I simply think it’s everyone’s right to know what’s true and what isn’t and taking celebrity advice on migraine treatment is asinine. Now that you know this I’ll leave you to form your own opinion of these cheesy articles. I’m so mad I won’t even link to the article about Mrs. Stefani you can google it yourself if you truly want to read such crap and gossip, personally I’ll go back to getting my facts from textbooks and clinical trials.

One thought on “Gwen Stefani + Migraine treatment= Gossip

  1. Just another fake blond giving false information to make more $$$. You cannot fool all the people all the time, just some of the people some of the time. Thanks for putting out the facts. Gpop

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