There’s nothing more obtuse

than all this insane pain and abuse

that I feel a whole slew of

on a daily basis!


I hope to turn this shitty situation

into a mental oasis we can count on

where I won’t be so far gone

so I can be there for my family

at any moment they might need me!


I can’t even dream of what normal is

I no longer know that feeling

the pain just leaves me reeling

and I cannot shake this awkward feeling

why is it that I always have allodynia

it makes me feel like my skin is peeling off

but that’s simply a nasty exaggeration

not something I want to actually fall off.


I hate being off it makes me feel wrong

I need to do some physical therapy and get back to being strong

No need to stay on this damn couch so long

I need to get back to moving things along

perhaps  I just need a new project to work on

or perhaps I am just ready to get better already

screw waiting people I’m ready to recover like Rocky!

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