Dealing with that Hot Feeling


There are several ways to put a band aid on what I call the lava sensation. What’s the lava sensation you might ask? It’s the feeling when nauseated that your stomach in on fire or even when your head feels as if it’s on fire. Now depending on where the pain is there are several ways to deal with this pain. Today I’ll share with you just about everything I know about eradicating this discomfort that you may feel at times. I sure felt it when I was vomiting 10 to 16 hours each day otherwise known as intractable vomiting which was destroying my insides. So here’s how I dealt with all of that pain and the heat sensation I felt in my stomach:

  1. Put a cold compress on the area if that’ll help. Sure when dealing with pain/heat inside the body it won’t help but it sure helps when one’s eyes are on fire and throbbing! There are many cold packs made specifically to fit over the eyes so I highly recommend using this option during a headache when you’re experiencing that uncomfortable brain melting feeling!
  2. Eat Ice it may sound silly but if your stomach hurts this often provides a soothing sensation to your esophagus as well as the ice goes down and rapidly melts. It’s a quick, cheap, and simple way to get yourself some relief without the use of any medication necessary. Besides you’re hydrating yourself which will likely help get you some relief.
  3. Ask for a cold drink, ice cold, and make sure you stay hydrated. Try to keep drinking because staying hydrated will only help you. This too will soothe the stomach perhaps try something you can drink but remains cold like a slurpee from 7-Eleven. I often had them when I was vomiting intractably and they work when trying to relieve that stomach pain!
  4. Try muscle relaxants and/or anti-emetics(anti nausea drugs) if nothing over the counter helps consult your doctor. The reason is sometimes an unconventional treatment or approach to the situation may be necessary. For example liquid Ativan helps me to keep from vomiting though I use it sparingly. However ativan isn’t typically used for this so you must keep a journal and good communication with your doctor if you plan on using medications for something other than their intended purpose.
  5. Take a cool shower if your entire body is hot perhaps you have a fever or and infection of some sort. Personally I find cool showers to be soothing the only reason I avoid bathing daily is because my allodynia is so severe that when I clean myself off with the towel it feel as if I’m ripping the skin from my body. It really isn’t pleasant to feel and a sensation I hope will dissipate eventually.

Thank you very much for reading everyone I hope you take some of my advice and that it honestly helps you relieve yourself of these feelings. I hated feeling that heat in the pit of my stomach, in my head, and all over my body too so all I can do is offer the best advice I have for you. I truly hope you have enjoyed reading and that you never feel this terrible sensation for yourself though if you do at least you have a guide to look at now of different things to try out.

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