Robin Williams the face of depression for the better

Today I want to write about how serious mental health illness really is. This has been brought on by the sudden death of one actor that truly was part of my childhood robin Williams. Robin Williams was an actor that seem to ooze out happiness and jokes to have you laughing for days.

I will forever remember him for some of my favorite movies such as mrs doubtfire, Aladdin, good will hunting, and many more. To hear of his death really was saddening. Many of my friends and co workers were truly shock and sadden especially to learn the cause of death. Suicide.

To think a man who brought so much joy and laughter in his life was willing to take his own for the state of mental distress he was in. It brings me to the point of this article. If you feel you need to talk just talk. No one will judge you. Someone will listen. Many times the stigma of going to seek help with mental situations make it seem like we shouldn’t ask for help. That your weak but I’m hear to say you are not.

I have always battle with anxiety which at times have turned into depression. It has been this way since high school when I dealt with my first bought. At first I would think it was dumb. How can I feel sorry for myself when there was more important things going on in the world. But as time went on and I progressed into college I started to realize it wasn’t crazy to feel this way. There are others that feel just as I do and those who are willing to help and listen.

As I deal with Michael there are times where I feel like there is no escape. The world is caving in. Not to the point where I would want to leave this world but I do go to seek help. I have a psychologist now too. His name is Dr. Jay and though I do pay for him myself I feel it’s worth every penny. He helps me express my feeling and process the emotions that sometimes I feel can’t be processed.

I can’t imagine the pain Robin Williams must have went through. Many wouldn’t think he be the face of someone fighting a mental illness but he is actually a prime example of what many of those who do fight one act. Fake it till you make it I say. If I don’t feel it as long as other believe I’m happy it will be ok. This should never be the case but sadly it is. The word of mental illness needs to be known especially since those who battle chronic pain do deal with the mental battle of going on and staying strong. I just hope this pushes people to get the help that they need. I hope it take this wonderful man death for others to understand that it is ok to get help. Never be alone. Rip Robin Williams May you spread laughter still and bring an acceptance of something that need to be known.


2 thoughts on “Robin Williams the face of depression for the better

  1. Stay Strong Miss Venus! Remember to come up to your other Mom up north if things get too tough and you need a break. We Love you. Well said. Much love and hugs to you and Michael XXOO Mom Ross

  2. It has been a rough summer and this news has hit me hard. I guess I never realized fully how much influence Williams had on my childhood in the 90s until this happened. Writing my own blog post about it helped a lot. Depression and suicide are real and need to be out in the open. Sometimes there just isn’t help, but that doesn’t have to mean we lose all hope. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. All the money in the world might seem like it helps, but it isn’t about that in many cases. People need to stop judging other people until they’ve walked in their shoes first. Take care…of yourself and Michael. Reading the posts from the two of you here in Ontario, Canada.

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