Dreaming of Amazing Jobs


I just don’t get it I have a four year degree in political science specializing in international relations, I completed high school, I have several certifications for computer repair, and information privacy yet I still haven’t found a job I can live on and manage to do from home or from a chair. I need to find something in the United States that requires an intelligent person such as myself but doesn’t require me driving or anything. Why so few requirements, simple because I want to enjoy my job and it isn’t so much about earning a lot of money. Yes I need enough to survive, enough to live comfortably perhaps making the average American wage would be an overwhelming success for me and allow me much more time to work on both my website and my books. On top of this I still plan on running my own business especially once I gain some strength back. I want to leave a legacy through what I do that will inspire others, to revolutionize a few fields and change the world as we know it just as my terminal illness changed life as I knew it.

You see I have always been interested in jobs that are difficult where there is risk there is reward. I have taken into account 3D printing of metal yet I’ve still come to the conclusion that given my choice of professions when I find remission I’d go take courses and become an apprentice jeweler and blacksmith. I would work on high quality replicas of historical artifacts AND custom jewelry so elaborate that my designs could not be copied by a 3D printer. Not to mention in the distant future there will be far more precious metals to work with and with that idea comes yet another job/field I’d love to play a part in. Imagine the next Peter Carl Faberge, and then think of a man in a wheelchair toiling for hours over exclusive designs with jewels of superior quality some of which are more rare than diamonds such as the series of Benitoite jewelry I am excited to create. The metal is poured into intricate granite/marble molds as I dream and the jewelry that comes out can be compared to nothing that exists today. However I will not be your traditional jeweler. I would work with unconventional metal and high price jewels for example making a sterling silver ring with real diamond. WHy you ask? To make engagement rings more affordable the point is the stone not the setting, so long as the setting is beautiful, can be polished when needed, and look like silver or gold who would ever know anyway unless tested or weighed. Look at those cheap Alex and Ani bracelets they sell like hot cakes yet they surely are not the highest quality product ever BUT they’re beautiful and affordable. I honestly think that as a blacksmith creating and learning to create more and more items as my lifetime goes on I will learn to make: replica suits of armor of all sorts and of different time periods with a nice patina created with acids or in the outdoors, custom jewelry, a line of children business wear(cufflinks for private schools, confirmation/communions/baptismal/bar mitzvah gifts, and graduation gifts. I really believe blacksmithing will be a lost trade that will come back to us in the future and I seek to be one of the great masters in working with precious and non-precious metals. Other than making Jewelry and historical replicas I plan on working on creating new alloys to help with space exploration, opening my own mining company and looking for oil on the moon to sell to classic car collectors at a high price once gasoline is overcome by the electric motor is another idea I have. Personally this type of work would keep me proud and happy, heck more importantly I’d enjoy my work and be a very loyal worker.

The second field I’d love to play a part in would be mining asteroids once we manage to catch one that’s valuable. These conglomerates hold many tons of precious metals some even postulate there are some out there which may be large part precious metal or stone perhaps even diamond. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine a non-included diamond a small portion of the size of our earth? Perhaps a few football fields long these finds will become historical especially the first attempts made by companies such as planetary resources. However these asteroids hold a lot more than simply rocks, they hold fuel in the forms of liquid Oxygen and hydrogen which can be harvested and combined to create rocket fuel. Meaning we can essentially send large space barges and fill them with rare ores then refuel from the asteroid itself and slowly trek back to planet Earth. The same concept could be used on the ice caps of mars and the Northern and Southern regions of our very own moon when drilling for oil. This method of harvesting Oil could potentially reduce costs by up to 20 x’s making gasoline quite affordable again.

A last creative idea I have is for habitation modules built by robots on Europa not Mars as many others are focusing on at the moment. Imagine a team of scientists inside a hab module ice fishing on Europa and catching some “fish” or creature with 5 eyes, 3 heads, and 15 fins!?! That would be an amazing discovery and personally I think Europa is much more exciting than most planets out there at this time at least. Don’t get me wrong I have more hope for MArs being a permanent habitat for humans, however I see us being on Earth for several hundred more years as wel slowly terraform Mars to be our next habitable zone. Whilst we wait I see robots creating habitats in specific locations of interest on Mars as we send more and more advanced rovers. I even see 3D printing happening with the medium of sand that exists on Mars so that the habitats could be inflatable or made of blacks of sand/cement created with the materials available on the planet. By the time I die of natural causes if I manage to live that long I’d love to see a 3500 sq. ft lab on Mars for scientists to go study on! I know this last idea seems so out of this world that you cannot imagine it but I can see it in my mind, these images exist that I just can’t avoid of these new and phenomenal machines.

These ideas may seem very far fetched heck you might really think I’ve gone off the deep end, but everyone thought the same of JFK when he challenged NASA to land on the moon. I see myself as someone who has been changed by illness, as someone who is desperate to leave his mark and legacy on America’s future and the entire world. Sure I have a common last name but I do not have a common mind, who else with a terminal illness spends their time dreaming about mining asteroids these gargantuan rocks flying through space, some of which hold valuable materials with which we could change the entire Earth and save it from mankind’s destructive nature. Mining our moon, Mars, and asteroids may very well give our atmosphere the time it needs to recover from global warming. So whether you think these two ideas are crazy or silly just please keep it to yourself and lets see what happens in the future!


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