Combating Nausea without Medication


Today we’re talking about combating the evil boogie man named nausea that comes around every so often for every migraineur but far too often for us chronic migraineurs. We will discuss how amazingly ginger, a cool shower, and some breathing techniques can help you to combat nausea and vomiting!

Ginger, what is it exactly, and why do so many people recommend this stuff when you have gastrointestinal problems exacerbating your migraines? Why do people drink Ginger Ale when they’re sick? Why do people take Ginger pills what’s with the  hype? What are breathing techniques and what are they useful for? Why do they work and how? Is it easily done or does this take training like meditation? How in the hell does a cool shower help quell nausea?  In this short article I’ll be short and sweet about why ginger, breathing, and cool showers are useful for combating nausea when you either don’t want to use, can’t use, or other anti-emetic(anti-nausea) drugs don’t work for you. Ginger is a good place to start when considering natural remedies to symptoms of migraine, note you cannot cure yourself of migraines this way nor will you cure your vomiting this is a band aid type treatment and professional help should be sought for a true long term solution taking ginger or anti-emetics all your life isn’t ideal exactly so a more permanent solution would be preferred by most patients.

Anyway right now we’ll discuss this unique and natural bandage for nausea., ginger. First let me start off y telling you exactly what ginger is a root plant with a very strong spicy flavor, it’s in the same family as turmeric and cardamom some spices you might recognize. This root originated in china as herbal medicine and a spice and was brought back to Europe during the early trading period as a spice. And it sure is a spice if you’ve ever tried pure ginger extract or ginger juice that stuff is unbearable if you don’t absolutely love that taste. A herbalist recommended it to me so I went to whole foods and shelled out a fortune for a few bottles 2 sips and I was vomiting into a bag the entire ride home. So personally I don’t recommend any concentrated ginger extracts or concoctions. Instead I prefer products like ginger ale that soothe my stomach with a beautiful cold bubbly feeling that often helps to relieve my nausea.

Don’t get me wrong you might have to use this in combination with an anti-nausea drug like Kytril or the popular Zofran if need be but try drinking a ginger ale and doing breathing techniques in between sips to helps you get your breathing on track and possibly release that gas and avoid sucking in air when you eat or drink something. Often when people have intractable vomiting it can actually be a psychological/physical reaction where you don’t realize it but you swallow bits of air with each bite or sip and that causes bad nausea and bloating. It really isn’t a pleasant feeling, in fact much better than a gas reliever is seltzer water or ginger ale and this breathing technique. 5 Mississippi in and 5 Mississippi out breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth it’s ok if you’re off at first take your time getting into this groove. It will soothe your body perhaps listen to some enjoyable music whilst doing this nothing intense just relaxing music or sounds.

Lastly is the cool shower technique which for some reason works for me. I know a hot shower helps your sinuses but I found a cool shower to soothe my stomach. It got so raw from vomiting at points in my life I’ve physically get my stomach burning up when the rest of my body is fine, just in pain. So I step into the shower which I need assistance with nowadays. Just yesterday I fell backwards into the shower being folded in half and squished by our deep tub and hitting my head on a tile wall it bounced back 3 times. It was so bad my vision was blurry and I was dizzy for a while, so I just sat on the couch all day contemplating my future business plan and investment strategy. When you don’t have a lot of money every penny needs to be invested without loss and luckily I chose a good mutual fund that’s diversified so there isn’t much loss mostly gain or tiny losses I’d wager I have more saved up than most people my age though especially if we count assets. Sorry I got off track I love sharing stories. Maybe I’ll write some off topic articles and one will be about my investment plan but for now lets talk cool showers. First off I suggest using a removable shower head, spray your abdomen wherever the heat sensation is for a good five minutes and your head just to cool off. I find this often quells the nausea so long as I am slow about getting out of the shower, getting cleaned up, and getting dressed. Not to mention you naturally feel better when clean at least I do Even with allodynia an neuropathy like crazy and the huge fall risk I shower to keep clean and the water running through my hair feels amazing. That’s why we finally put a payment on one of those TidalFit pools for 20 thousand dollars and 2 grand more in electric. It’s 14ft long and almost 6ft high this thing is a monster and I look forward to therapy in it I plan on writing many articles about the tub itself, a review, first impression, a video of installation if possible, a video of it in use in multiple ways with my physical therapist at my side etc. I may even write an ebook on that and without the physical activity or jets when I get nauseous I think the pool on a lower temp will be quite soothing to the skin!

Well I veered off track several times but I hope you were interested in the little detour I took throughout the article. Many of you know I am leery, very leery of natural treatments so if you choose a ginger supplement PLEASE remember that market is NOT regulated so buy from a good brand do your research and get pharmacy grade stuff. AS for the biofeedback a few appointments with a psychologist who specializes in it would be fine for you so please try that and seek the help of a gastroenterologist don’t take this as medical recommendations I am not a doctor these are just my personal experiences with the methods described above. Thanks again for reading and if you have anything to add leave it in the comments I’ll research it and possibly release a combating nausea part 2! Have a fantastic Friday and everyone please enjoy your weekend I’ll be a busy man typing and typing away. Until I get my headset to use Dragon by Nuance that is, I have the professional version I just need a nice headset to go with it so when my fingers get so swollen I can no longer type I can easily switch to dictation and continue my books and articles at a spitfire pace. My mind runs at a hundred miles an hour sometimes I can’t even keep up with all the poetry and articles running through my mind especially when I have a migraine I could dictate it or try to but I definitely cannot keep up typing and I am not a slow typist.I worked for a company where speed was key a call center for hospital emergencies lines where it was all medical shorthand that had to be relayed correctly at 17 you bet that was a stressful job. Anyway I will stop jabbering now again enjoy your weekend!

Migraine Fundraiser for Migraine Research Foundation

Hello Folks Michael here I want to talk heart to heart for a moment and grab your attention. I churn out all this fun poetry self help articles and share all of my experiences for free you can ask me anything I am an open book. I don’t ask for donations in return like many writers do, yes I do have a subtle donation page but I’ve only ever gotten a handful of donations through paypal and I always donate the money I don’t even use any to cover all my costs for the site.

Well today I call upon you all for a favor and I also that you share this link everywhere that you can, everyone who reads this should share the article with somebody or contribute $10 or more themselves.

Every donation counts whether it’s a hundred bucks or a thousand. Where’s the money going? Good question. The money is going to the Migraine Research Foundation. We set up this long term fundraiser as a gift for our engagement in hopes of someday finding a pain free life or making it possible for m future children,

Donating to the Migraine Research Foundation can make that happen, all their costs are already covered for 100% of donations go towards grants and research that’s vital to the headache disorder community. I know I’m not asking the right crowd for money, yeah many of you are on disability, but do you really wanna live on fioricet, topamax, and the triptans?

I want a life for use all a real quality life. That’s what the MRF ifs trying to give us through their on average $50,000 grants that’s the average request so that’s why this is a long term thin hey if you donate $10 bucks a month out of your welfare check god bless you. I make $250 a month and I donated as much as I can afford, when I can afford to again I damn sure will. And I know that whether 100 or 10 dollars the Migraine Research Foundation will appreciate it! So let us band together for the cause Donate Now!

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