Struggling to Move


How dehydrated am I

that I can’t even cry

and pretend I have something in my eye

when the real issue is pain

it seems to be all I gain

all this agony tempts me to go insane

but then all my hard work would be in vain

why can’t I get better and continue this game called life

mine seems to be halted, stuck in place tonight

I am struggling to move my finger

even an inch seems far away

swollen fingers are the reason for my delay

I hate throwing these days away not writing articles each and every day

I just wish I could say I went a whole year without skipping a beat

but that isn’t true the neuropathy and vasculitis got to me quickly

causing my hands to seize up like an old engine

I wish I could finish my books to have a life of tours and book signings

for me that’d be the ideal lifestyle meeting my readers

who I treasure more than precious metals they are what has made me successful

and so I regret every day I cannot repay with an article or two each twenty four hours

I need to get back on a proper sleep schedule so my writing schedule won’t go sour.

Hello Folks Michael here I want to talk heart to heart for a moment and grab your attention. I churn out all this fun poetry self help articles and share all of my experiences for free you can ask me anything I am an open book. I don’t ask for donations in return like many writers do, yes I do have a subtle donation page but I’ve only ever gotten a handful of donations through paypal and I always donate the money I don’t even use any to cover all my costs for the site. 

Well today I call upon you all for a favor and I also that you share this link everywhere that you can, everyone who reads this should share the article with somebody or contribute $10 or more themselves.

Every donation counts whether it’s a hundred bucks or a thousand. Where’s the money going? Good question. The money is going to the Migraine Research Foundation. We set up this long term fundraiser as a gift for our engagement in hopes of someday finding a pain free life or making it possible for my future children,

Donating to the Migraine Research Foundation can make that happen, all their costs are already covered for 100% of donations go towards grants and research that’s vital to the headache disorder community. I know I’m not asking the right crowd for money, yeah many of you are on disability, but do you really wanna live on fioricet, topamax, and the triptans?

I want a life for use all a real quality life. That’s what the MRF ifs trying to give us through their on average $50,000 grants that’s the average request so that’s why this is a long term thin hey if you donate $10 bucks a month out of your welfare check god bless you. I make $250 a month and I donated as much as I can afford, when I can afford to again I damn sure will. And I know that whether 100 or 10 dollars the Migraine Research Foundation will appreciate it! So let us band together for the cause Donate Now!

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